Wasn't sure I'd ever walk these halls again...

Feb 21, 2021
Curled up in a window nook in Norfolk Virginia
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Welcome back, if it's shenanigans you're after I'd talk to @Alexr al'Petros he's our current master of Puny-She-Mints. As in he gets them like they're candy. :rofl:

Lyara Tieran

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Nov 23, 2006
And while it feels super strange, foreign, and new to be here, it also feels like coming home in a way. It's been...3 1/2 years...I think. I don't know the exact date, and a lot has changed since I left. It's going to be a while before this place feels as familiar as it once did.
That being said, please be patient with me as I refamiliarize myself with everything, figure things out again, and update my signature (AFTER I figure out where it's hosted 😅) and all that good stuff.
I'm looking forward to meeting new people and reacquainting myself with those I knew.

Here are a few things about me (to get to know me and an update on what's changed since I was last here)
  • I'm a bookworm who buys more books than she reads, and I've got grand plans to build a built-in bookcase with a library ladder in my house. (Count on unsolicited updates on that if I get it underway! haha)
  • I started attending a small Bible school (out of the country) almost right after retiring here, and I'm in my last semester now and about to graduate. It's keeping me super busy, away from home, and making me all kinds of sentimental. (I'm about to say goodbye to a lot of wonderful, dear friends, some of whom I might never see again since we're from all over North and South America.) Probably part of the reason that I decided to reappear here, in spite of having peeked in many times over the years.
  • I bought a house!! Right in the middle of being out of the country for 3 months at a time for 4 years in a row, right in the middle of a (voluntary) demotion, and all by myself. I had never lived anywhere but with my parents, but a house suddenly became available and the loan underwriters must have only skimmed my documents because everything worked out. So, now I've got a mortgage, a loan for a new HVAC unit because that thing broke right away :rolleyes: , and I can finally buy thrifted furniture and live houseplants to my heart's content. :omg:
  • Also, I really missed :look: << that thing. I can't even tell you how many times I typed in the command for that emoji and nothing popped up.
  • I chopped off my hair and it's the greatest thing I ever did. I don't like the word "pixie cut" for some reason (I'll bring virtual brownies to anyone who can give me a better word) but I love the cut. I've never felt so confident or had random people tell me they like my hair. It's kind of empowering honestly, and so freeing too.
  • I started my business in 2020 to proofread and copyedit for writers, bloggers, and website developers. It's not booming or anything (I hate using social media for anything other than frivolous things), but it lets me work with words, expand my knowledge, and it brings in a little extra income from time to time.
  • Nynaeve is still my favorite WoT character :braid: (bookwise, still not sure where I stand on the show.)

But really, I'm just excited to be back and see everyone again, and get to know some other new faces!
I'm so glad you came back!!! :tackle: :tacklehuggle:

Robb Canford

Apr 17, 2023
Jacksonville, Florida, USA
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Welcome back!