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By Ahmyra al'Ruley on Dec 27, 2018 at 1:38 PM
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    Holy hannah, y'all!!! Where did December go? It feels like just yesterday I was hitting save on December's story and here I am writing out January. Time needs to slow down!!

    I hope you have all had a fantastic holiday season and are ready to get back to the grind of work and "real life". Here is January's writing prompt coming atcha!!! Duhn duhn dhun..... DRAGONS!!!!

    And here's a little something I came up with to get you started.


    Fire danced through the skies as my kin celebrated my birth. Of course, at that time I didn’t know the grand display was for me. I didn’t know that I was special and that my whole tribe had waited long for my birth. In my head, I was just a dazed and confused little kit and I was hungry.

    Days passed and my limbs grew stronger, my appetite grew bigger and my mother grew more tired. I didn’t know it at the time but because of my specialness, my mother was doomed to die after my birth. She had known it the whole time but she bore me and birthed me nonetheless. I will forever be grateful for her sacrifice.

    About a week after my birth, when I was strong enough to survive without her, my mother died. The fragments that I remember still make me cry. She was beautiful in ways that words can never describe. Her scales where an iridescent purple-green color and her eyes had depths that even I never fully understood or got to see. She was loved by the whole tribe and the whole tribe mourned when she passed. The skies where dark and silent when she left us unlike that chaos and splendor when I was born. No one soared over the clutch to trumpet the news to the heavens. Instead, everyone gathered, shoulder to shoulder, with she and I in the middle to share our grief and comfort one another with physical contact.

    As her life essence left her, her body began to shimmer and pulsate. My aunt reached out with her wing and slid my limp, yielding body over between her front feet. I shivered and moaned as my mother’s body drifted apart and the particles drifted towards the night sky glowing just as her spirit had all the rest of her life. As the last particle drifted heavenward the whole tribe lifted a collected moaning howl to the heavens with her and brand-new dragon constellation was installed among the stars.

    My life changed drastically after that moment. My aunt was now my primary care giver and she began to train me for the role my birth had destined for me. Training was actually kind of fun. I got to learn all kinds of new things. From the history of my kin to battle movements and formations to caring for the creatures that dwelt among and around us. It was fascinating! I think my knowledge grew at the same rate that my body did. Which was to say, very fast.

    I remember those days fondly. I didn’t know how fast my life was going to change. Again. At that time, all I knew was prosperity, happiness and love. The day the green fire shone in the sky changed all of that, irrevocably. Little did I know at that time that my aunt had left out a huge portion of our history when she was teaching me. Until I got a crash course in what my birth meant. On the front lines of a battle I was barely prepared to fight let alone lead.

    See that’s my birth foretold. This moment. This time where the rule on earth would change. This pivotal coming together of Dragons and all other intelligent creatures. My birth was foretold millennia before I came and others thought they had been the one destined to unite the world against the humans but none other had what I did. No one else had what was needed to do this thing and bring order out of chaos. I was special and yet I was cursed. I had the body of a dragon and the heart of a human.


Discussion in 'TVT Articles' started by Ahmyra al'Ruley, Dec 27, 2018.