The Wheel of Time Companion and spoilers

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    As some of you may have noticed :look a new Wheel of Time book has recently been published. It is called the Companion.
    As you may notice from the name, the Companion is not a plot-advancing book, or a prequel or sequel, but a companion book that contains ALL THE INFORMATION ;)

    Whenever a new book has emerged in the Wheel of Time series, we usually make a new forum that is meant for discussing that book, to avoid spoilers for others who may not read as fast, or has not received the book yet.
    However, since this book is a little different, it will not get its own forum. Most of the information in there is already known, or is not considered a spoiler for the plot, maybe except a few details
    Bela :look
    We do ask that any information about the Companion be kept in this forum, the 1-14 book forum, and that if it is "new" or vital information, please do use spoiler tags.

    This is not the rule for the Reread, where Mother has stated that comments from the Companion may be freely given, and not in the thread named "Companion", which OBVIOUSLY contains spoilers :look