TDR: The Pull Of The Pattern *Spoilers*

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    I am in yet another re-read of the entire series and I have been contemplating the end of chapter 36 of TDR.

    *Spoilers. Do not read unless you have completed The Gathering Storm*

    Up to this point, Rand has been feeling the pull of the pattern and seems to be obsessed with reaching Tear. So obsessed that he almost seems crazy. Rand is resting at a campsite and is approached by a merchant woman and her guards. (They are darkfriends) Without hesitation Rand cuts off the woman's head and kills 10 men (and one Grey Man). He then uses the One Power to place them in a line bowing before him. (Creepy :blink)

    This part is brilliantly written. It is supposed to confuse the reader, but give enough information to puzzle out that: 1. The woman and guards are darkfriends, and 2: There was a Grey Man. It also leaves the reader wondering if Rand is already mad. But the part I want to focus on is Rand killing the woman. Throughout the series, Rand has a major aversion to killing woman. The list of names he keeps is evidence enough of that. So why would this woman not make it onto his list? (Even if she not named)

    I would say that the Pattern is pulling so strongly that Rand has just one objective. Reaching Tear. I do not believe he can even remember killing the woman. This is one of the most powerful examples of the Pattern using Ta'veren to accomplish it's needs
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    In book 7, Rand thinks about the nameless darkfriend he murdered; he frets over her in the fourth and fifth books too. There's one scene in particular where he's dreaming and sees the faces of all the women that have died for him, including the one woman whos name he never learned (the darkfriend).

    He actually seems less mad in the next few books; I think his craziness here is just from not sleeping more than a few minutes for days/weeks. You're right about the creepy factor though ""You chose the wrong company" he told that man".