TarValon.Net Statement of Diversity Support

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Serinia Edoras

The Amyrlin Seat
The Amyrlin Seat
Sep 7, 2005
Columbus, Ohio
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TarValon.Net is a global community that welcomes individuals of all backgrounds and encourages a celebration of diversity. We value integrity, service, justice, and respect for everyone.

We do NOT condone or tolerate racism, misogyny, religious discrimination, anti-LGBTQ+ or any other flavor of bigotry. If you exhibit this behavior, you will not be welcomed in this community.

We are actively working to update our code of conduct and related materials to better reflect these priorities. Until those policies are revised and shared, it is important that our members feel encouraged to share their unique experiences in a safe, supportive environment. Current unrest in the United States has highlighted the importance of proactively communicating these priorities and our support of those working to create change by exercising their rights to free speech and assembly. And though posting this announcement was prompted by this week’s events, the beliefs behind them are not temporary – they are at the core of our community.
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