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    Ages ago, when I was but a wee new Aes Sedai, I held a position called the Online Events Coordinator. We did an event each Shaoman (and some other events) called "Round Robin Story Time". During this event, a story prompt would be written. Each particular would read the posts before them, and add their own part to the story. This is a reinvention of that event.
    Each month I will be posting a new story time chapter, written by the members of Participation is by membership group. Full rules for the round are posted in the group common area with the prior chapter(s) available to guide your stories!

    The first chapter comes to you courtesy of the White Ajah and their guests. DM is my next victim, and following groups will be chosen by lottery from the remaining membership groups.

    I hope you enjoy the first chapter of Story Time.

    As she wandered through the town, covered from head to foot in a thick cloak, she saw people busily getting their homes and shops ready for the upcoming Feast of Lights. Tomorrow night the city would be glowing, from the highest tower to the boats in the docks on all sides of the island. How she missed home on these nights, even after all the years she’d spent in the White Tower.

    A strong gust of wind blew her cloak wide and chilled her to the bone, making her miss her native Tear all the more. As the wind died down she managed to wrap her cloak around her shoulders again and continued down theroad. This year wasgoing to be different, and she could barely contain her excitement.

    As she wandered over to the South Harbour, she noticed with displeasure that she was being followed. The man must nothave been told who she was, or he would not have dared to show himself so. As it was, he was merely a small annoyance.

    She turned down a side alley that she knew connected with many others, running behind market stalls and shops. She picked up her pace and deftly wound her way through them to either lose her follower or force him to reveal himself in his scramble to follow her. Unless he knew these streets better than she did, which she doubted.

    He hadn't spent weeks desperately searching for a way off this island. She had, as a novice. She had wanted to get away from this island, away from the White Tower. Away from all Aes Sedai.

    As she wove her way through the narrow alleys, she caught a few glimpses of her "tail" trying to keep up. She was thinking she needed to let him get a little closer so that she could get a clear image of his face as she passed a rug shop that she was vaguely familiar with. Suddenly, strong arms pulled her into the depths of the shop and a hand briefly clamped her mouth. She let her eyes adjust to the dim light as the hand loosened, then fell away. She knew that face...

    "Do you have a death wish?" she demanded of the man standing behind her. Then: "I told you to remain in the Tower"

    "My place is at your side. Besides, for all the care you take, the next person to sneak up behind you will not be so friendly."

    "The next person who sneaks up behind me may also die a violent death by fire."

    Glaring fiercely but with complete calm, as only an Aes Sedai can, Raevyn Tsornin stared down her "attacker".
    "Your place, Ivanor Winshaw, is by your first Aes Sedai's side. Married as well as bonded we may be, but she is still first bond to you and you should not follow unless called for. Yet I am glad to see the worry in your eyes."

    "Do you know who follows you, wife?"
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Discussion in 'TVT Articles' started by Lyara Tieran, Nov 30, 2018.