Steven Brust's Dragaera series

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    So I've been blogging for a while about the themes and structures in one of my favorite fantasy series. Steven Brust's Dragaera books largely fall into two series; the main series is about an assassin named Vlad Taltos, and those are the books that I'm writing about at the moment. Brust also wrote a five-book series, the Khaavren Romances, set hundreds of years earlier, and which is both written as and structured as a pastiche on Alexandre Dumas' Three Musketeers series. (There is also the standalone Brokedown Palace, but it's such a weird outlier that I have trouble considering it part of the series despite the fact that it clearly takes place in the same world.)

    Anyway. I love these books. They're cleverly written, with a first-person narrator with a gift for snark; the structure of the Dragaeran Houses provides fertile ground for interesting themes; and the worldbuilding is simply excellent, with some surprising revelations provided up front (much earlier than you might expect from a typical fantasy series), with other details held in reserve to keep the readers wondering.

    Here are the posts I've written so far. I will warn that each post spoils the book that it's about, and there are occasional references to later plot points as well (though I've tried to keep those oblique where possible).