Really was the Last Battle...

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    Ive been thinking alot since my disappointment when finally finishing the series and my feeling that so.much was just so.....unepic. Dont get me started on Morraine.... anywho...

    I was thinking about Rands ending and I've changed my mind. I think it was actually the only way it could go.
    Rand bought the DO INTO the pattern to seal him away again so that now the wheel could turn, the true source found again, the bore drilled etc etc...

    RJ was all about balance. Light and Dark, Male and Female, Yin and Yang. If the DO exists in the pattern so too must the creator. Rand has become the creators embodiment in the pattern and manifests this via his impossible actions such as lighting the pipe with a thought.

    It should have been the last battle. If the creator now has a proxy in the pattern the bore won't be able to be opened again and the DO can't tough the world again.

    I decided I like this ending. Although Im still not impressed with some of the other story archs....
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    I don't understand. Can you explain it again?
    If I remember correctly, Rand through the DO out of the pattern again, just before he sealed the bore.
    Also, if there is balance, then how can there be an avatar of the creator if there is no DO touching the pattern? Where's the balance?