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    Sephi Vardin

    Aug 2, 2019
    I plan to do a huge overhaul of my first self published work. I want to make it the best version of itself, via a third edition. (the editor made the second edition arguably worse than the first edition!)

    The work is called "Split Embers". I have found it alarmingly humorous, as a new wheel of time fan, the similiarities between it and my work. (though there are many differences as well).

    I feel Wheel of time fans thus, would be extremely valuable readers. I love the wheel of time books, and this fandom has began to bring me smiles as well. I feel that perspective would be bebifitical to my book, as it starts a series. Depending on the situation, I may even be willing to hire some of the readers for pay. (If I must, money is tight for me. So volunteering would be a life saver!)

    Plot summary: The first in a series! Max, Shakira, Leon and Jericho are just regular students at Allan's University- a school all but ordinary as it only takes in students with high intelligence or creativity! However, one day, students begin to mysteriously gain magical abilities. It turns out the four of them are reincarnations of the legendary wizard Alexander! There is also a fifth, but who is it? Meanwhile, there is a dark world just on the horizon! What adventures lie ahead?

    I can answer any questions and it is on amazon. Hopefully, I am not breaking any rules. I humbly request the help, as an author and a reader.

    edit: the print version is the second edition. The kindle version shows all the edits between editions, so its highly messy.

    edit: some inspirations were the Harry Potter series, Lord of the Rings series, Naruto and the Chronicles of Narnia series
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