Re-Readalong: Path of Daggers To the End!

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    I found a discussion of the Oath Rod and fertility on Dragonmount, but I'm unconvinced that it's a contraceptive. Few Aes Sedai have children (quoted from CoT 10, but I don't know who's speaking or what the context is).

    I would buy the argument that the blackberry bush is the Two Rivers. I just remember that he was surprised by the number he chose, and Tar Valon would be a place to be surprised by the number of men who can channel. It's also pretty dangerous to go there, since word of Asha'man is getting around, even if Elaida's a fool and doesn't believe in them. :rolleyes
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    I'm not sure that the oath rod is a contraceptive either, Mother. Nynaeve and Lan will probably have many children; and she's already bound by the oath rod. As to the Blackberry bush, I'll try to find some solid evidence; but I'm as sure as I can be without it. And in the resolution of the Black Tower problems, the Two Rivers group was a distinct one; numbering a couple dozen at least. I'll go back and see if there are specific stats on how many 2-Rivers boys were recruited to the Black Tower.

    What makes the 2-Rivers recruits more surprising is comparing their numbers with the number of girls Verin and Alanna recruited. My impression was that more men/boys were recruited by Taim than girls by Verin and Alanna.

    And Tar Valon will probably yield a surprising number of Asha'man in the Fourth Age. I'm sure Logain and co. will be visiting there and advertising. If Fortuona (sp) can advocate damane and slavery peacefully; I'm sure Logain will be allowed to recruit Asha'man.

    Edit: Old Dragonmount forum thread about the Blackberry bush. I'll try to check the PoV's mentioned to get more details.
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