Re-Readalong: A Crown of Swords: To the End!

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    Is Sammael killed by Mashadar though? The thing is left quite ambiguous...
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    I'm not sure. I forgot to look it up in the Companion; I'll do that tonight.
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    The implication is that he is, Rand Balefires the wall between Sammael and Mashadar so the pattern rewinds and it is as if the Wall wasn't there which means the courtyard fills up far quicker.
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    The Companion says Sammael was killed by Mashadar, with no mention about reincarnation.
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    So... I'm crazy behind. :blink I finally just got caught up on my reading, but I'm probably about a book behind on my typing up of notes... so I don't expect anyone to read them really, but prepare for a deluge of notes. :lol

    Chapter 12:
    -As is fitting for Mat, the Band has an Old Tongue name now: Shen an Calhar.
    -Some people from the Band have deserted to join Bryne's army since they think (correctly) that the Band's luck is only there when Mat's around.
    -Halima has been helping Egwene's headaches... the headaches that she's causing.
    -Bryne's army is basically stealing from farmers they pass, food that the farmers probably can't spare. Technically they're buying it, but the prices are low and the farmers aren't given a choice. Egwene realizes this, but also knows there's nothing she can do about it if she wants to bring an army to Tar Valon.
    -Bryne basically tells Egwene that he trusts her and the army is hers to command.
    -Everyone believes Egwene knows everything already and so reveal it to her. Siuan has been teaching her well. (and the Wise Ones)
    -In Ebou Dar, it's custom for a woman to decide who should marry her husband after she dies. [​IMG]Egwene's unable to hide her surprise at this.
    -Aes Sedai consider bonding a man against his will on a level with rape.
    -They’ve figured out how to leave messages in tel’aran’rhiod
    -Egwene thinks it’s obvious that the Black Ajah can lie. It is obvious, but it’s interesting how many Aes Sedai don’t consider it.
    -Halima’s fingers are wonderful for curing the headaches that she causes. It started the day after Logain escaped.

    Chapter 13:
    -Aviendha is in awe at half a mile of useless of water
    -Elayne tells Birgitte that she’s as bad as Mat sometimes. :giggle
    -I like Elayne. She’s very good about being diplomatic, which is important when dealing with Aiel, and gives advice to Aviendha without risking her honor.
    -Aviendha thinks that, if Sea Folk men wear necklaces, who knows what other crazy stuff they do. Maybe they even eat their dead! :blink Meanwhile, the Sea Folk think Aiel women must kill a man a day. :rofl
    -Aviendha starts assessing who she’ll kill first on the Sea Folk ship. :lol
    -Birgitte accidentally made it obvious that she’s familiar with Sea Folk ways

    Chapter 14:
    -The Darkfriend woman Mat sees reminds her of straw (because of when he last saw her), but he can’t figure out why at first.
    -Mat accidentally buys a ring. Yay ta’veren!
    -Noal! :joy :joy

    Chapter 15:
    -Carridin is controlling Dragonsworn groups in order to cause chaos like Niall commanded. He’s planning to save the people from the Dragonsworn and blame them on Rand, so that everyone thanks the Whitecloaks.
    -Carridin sees Mat and has an intense flashback of his orders from the Dark One
    -Carridan tells the Darkfriend woman (Shiaine) to set her circle to finding Mat. He’s sending Old Cully as well. He tells her this in blatant disregard of what Sammael told him. Later on the same page he thinks to himself that no one survives disobedience. No one.

    Chapter 16:
    -Mat defends Elayne and Nynaeve to Joline and Teslyn.
    -Adeleas/Vandene and Joline/Teslyn have a tug-of-war with Mat. :facepalm What happened to ‘Aes Sedai serenity’?
    -Mat is then ‘saved’ by a summons from Tylin
    -Mat speaks the Old Tongue to Tylin. “Majesty, by your summons do I come.” As someone pointed out, his language does sound much more formal when he’s speaking the Old Tongue.
    -Mat sends a letter to Nynaeve and Elayne. While the content is reasonable, he doesn’t seem to realize how the words he chooses will put their backs up. He thinks it’s all very reasonably worded.
    -Ebou Dari are strange… Tylin tells Beslan to keep his visit with the widow of the man he just killed brief, worried that Davindra will be one of those widows who wants comforting. And, if that’s the case, he’ll have to either marry her or kill her brothers. :blink :blink :blink How will killing her brothers help the situation? :scratch

    Chapter 17:

    -Ebou Dari jewelry shows more than just marriage and children. The Ancient and Honorable League of the Nets has earrings that show how many boats you own.
    -Mistress Anan and her husband have a very strange relationship… though I’m guessing it’s normal in Ebou Dari.
    -Mat receives a letter telling him that Nynaeve and Elayne are still in danger. Apparently it’s from Teslyn trying to mess with Elaida’s plans.
    -Joline’s penance involves not touching saidar
    -Noal has memory problems
    -Noal sees Arnin and Nad pushing a wheelbarrow, the dead body of the Wise Woman Falion killed.

    Chapter 18:
    -Rand wonders why Alanna is always weeping. Death of her Warder mixed with feeling Rand’s wound?
    -Rand starts taking on Lews Therin’s habits, such as humming and thumbing his earlobe.
    -Rand wonders to herself why Berelain’s trying so hard to keep her job in Cairhien. She wants to make sure he doesn’t forget about her and give Mayene to someone as a prize.
    -The Maidens are shocked by Cadsuane standing up to Rand
    -Cadsuane says she seems to have a nose for men who can channel. She doesn’t reveal it’s one of her ornaments.
    -Dashiva bursts out laughing at the mention of men who can channel hearing voices
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    Oh! I'm glad you pointed this out. I'm just at the point in the next book where Shiaine kills Carridin, and I couldn't remember why exactly she did it. Makes sense now!

    I assumed it meant that Beslan would "comfort" her then be expected to marry her, and if he didn't want to marry her then he'd have to fight her brothers who would challenge him to a duel to defend their sister's honor. Aaaah, those Ebou Dari ...
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    Chapter 19:
    -Cadsuane is trying to push Rand in a direction he doesn’t expect to try to figure out who he is
    -Cadsuane asks Annoura and Merana if they had any hand in the ‘Vileness’ after the Aiel War. Reading about it in the Companion, it makes sense that they were confused at her question, since the ‘Vileness’ was so well covered up for anyone not involved
    -Cadsuane had considered bonding Rand herself, but is still disapproving when she hears that Alanna did the same.
    -Cadsuane answers nothing herself and just asks questions of the other Aes Sedai. She knows what she’s doing and she knows that she has the best interest of the world at heart and doesn’t think she needs to answer to anyone for that. She possibly doesn’t trust the other Aes Sedai enough.
    -Harid Fel. :( :cry
    -The Cairhienin servants aren’t wearing livery because they’re worried about making a mistake and angering someone based on what colors they wear
    -Cadsuane thinks that she hasn’t encountered a task in 170 years that she couldn’t perform. That seems to be in 830NE, but I can’t figure out what that would have been. :cheese

    Chapter 20:
    -Sevanna wants to turn Caddar into a gai’shain, or even declare him da’tsang.
    -Sevanna plans to make Wise Ones into gai’shain for being rude to her.
    -Sevanna, in a very un-Aiel-like thought, wishes she had a chair
    -Graendal is angry at Sammael for calling her Maisia, a name commonly given to pets in the Age of Legends
    -Sevanna assumes that Maisia must be Aes Sedai, but is confused that she shows no reaction to talk of collaring Aes Sedai
    -Sevanna is giddy at the idea of controlling Wise Ones who can channel
    -Sevanna assumes that she can buy Caddar and Maisia. Wetlanders will do anything for gold.
    -Sammael is glad that Sevanna brought up making Maisia teach them how to Travel. He uses that to tell them about ‘traveling boxes’, rather than having to bring it up himself.
    -The True Power can’t be detected by others
    -Mesaana had a hand in Rand’s kidnapping.
    -Traveling with the True Power involves ripping a hole and stepping outside the Pattern itself.
    -Who’s watching Sammael and Graendal? Moridin? He’s certainly the most True Power-obsessed.

    Chapter 21:
    -Mat doesn’t realize the robbers who attacked him were after him. He wonders why the sack was so big.
    -Amaresu, a Hero of the Horn, with a Sword of the Sun, probably based off of Amaterasu, the Japanese Sun Goddess
    -“What language do we speak, Hornsounder?” :giggle I love Birgitte!
    -Talia and the Sun King, like Sleeping Beauty perhaps
    -Aviendha won’t wear the ivory bracelet that Rand gave her until Elayne has one like it.
    -The carving around the rim of the Stones board is of foxes. Foxes seem associated with board games in WoT.
    -Nynaeve is embarrassed that they had never considered using the men to help find the Bowl. :blink Hoooowww did they not think of that? I’m pretty sure the men offered to help…
    -Nynaeve is sure that Juilin and Thom would’ve gone off drinking with Mat, which is why she didn’t send them to talk to him. :giggle
    -Birgitte dunks water on her face to sober up.
    -Birgitte drinking makes Elayne drunk. :rofl Apparently female Warders make the bond work differently.
    -Birgitte and Aviendha are (rightfully) adamant that Nynaeve and Elayne owe Mat deep thanks and an apology.
    -Nynaeve and Elayne annoy me with how sure they are that they won’t apologize. Elayne only is better about it later because Aviendha convinces her that she has toh… and it’s more to appease Aviendha than because she feels that Mat deserves it. :desk :desk
    Chapter 22:
    -Elayne is very generous with beggars. She gives a beggar a lot of money and is a little surprised that he just takes it and then keeps asking for money.
    -Elayne makes a sidelong insult to Nynaeve, saying that she should’ve worn white (referencing novices) after Nynaeve is petulantly refusing to apologize to Mat, then covers it up by saying she was referring to funeral white.
    -Elayne kinda wishes she would have seen the riotous nature of inns during the festivals
    -Elayne gives away more money. :lol
    -Elayne considers stealing Mat’s medallion from him. :| She doesn’t do it, but she does consider it.
    -Elayne’s sort of proud of Birgitte for holding her drink better than Mat. :lol And a bit ashamed that she’s proud.
    -Nynaeve actually dives toward Mat to attack him after he brushes off their apology. :blink :blink Wow, Nynaeve.
    -Mat does deserve an apology, but he’s also kind of antagonistic toward them, so I can see why they don’t feel great about it. Then again, they’re also antagonistic toward him, so it goes both ways. :cheese
    -Elayne considers using Mat as a source of swear words. :lol
    -I can definitely see why Elayne and Nynaeve get pissed at Mat when he keeps saying that “Birgitte and Aviendha don’t need minders”. That’s a pretty blatant insult.
    -The dice stop tumbling in Mat’s head when they ask him to move to the palace.
    -And we start with Tylin taking a ‘very personal interest’ in Mat. :rolleyes
    -“Tylin surely would not allow a bad example for Beslan” :rolleyes
    -I can definitely feel Nynaeve’s frustration as Anan refuses to believe that they’re Aes Sedai. :|

    Chapter 23:
    -Nynaeve agrees to go with Elayne to see the Kin because she doesn’t want to deal with Mat.
    -Elayne thinks that the Kin leading them to the Bowl could be Mat’s ta’verenness
    -Ebou Dari are insanely polite when they want to be
    -Kinswomen are punished for wanting to marry
    -There’s a Kinswoman with a Talent for shields
    -I can also feel Elayne’s frustration whenever no one believes that she’s the Daughter Heir (though I can understand why they don’t-it’s a bit of a tall claim)

    Chapter 24:
    -Some Kinswoman doubt whether they channeled in front of Aes Sedai when Nynaeve and Elayne leave.
    -The Kin have a very strict hierarchy, with everyone given a chance to lead in rotation
    -Lemons are unknown in the Two Rivers
    -Nynaeve and Elayne believe (as do all Aes Sedai) that ageless faces come with prolonged channeling. It makes sense, though, as an assumption, since even non-Aes Sedai start to slow in aging when they’re in the twenties.
    -“Go away,” Nynaeve told them politely. :rofl

    Chapter 25:
    -Shaidar Haran invented the title Mia’cova “Own Who Owns Me” for Moghedien to call him.
    -Physics works differently near Shayol Ghul, similar to Tel’aran’rhiod, but without the same feel.
    -Moghedien was imprisoned in a bubble in the Pattern, a vacuole. Being in there felt like there were tight bands of cuande around her chest.
    -Moghedien doesn’t think anyone has enough willpower to resist the True Power, especially once you’ve been using it long enough to have saa in your eyes.
    -Using the True Power long enough results in ‘caverns of flame’ in your eyes and mouth.
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    Oh, that makes more sense! But yeah, I'm glad I don't live in Ebou Dar. :lol
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    Rand would have been doing the fourth age a favor in wiping it off the face of the earth :p
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    Chapter 26:
    -Morgase doesn’t believe Asha’man exist. (understandably)
    -Morgase uses a metaphor about = being torn to shreds and then knitting those shreds up again. If something knitted is actually torn to shreds, that doesn’t really work to just knit it up again…
    -Morgase also, in a common mistake everyone makes, assumes that any woman channeling must be Aes Sedai.
    -Morgase realizes that Suroth has planned her meeting with Morgase very carefully and so really analyzes everything she says.
    -It’s interesting that multiple Seanchan animals were brought over from parallel dimensions. I wonder how that happened.
    -Morgase thinks kaf is undrinkable, no matter how much honey you add to it
    -If a leader is found in rebellion against the Crystal Throne, they’re impaled and their family is made property.
    -The Panarch of Tarabon was made da’covale because she was captured, but refused the Oath.

    Chapter 27:
    -Grady bonded his wife and can tell that she’s missing him and her knee hurts. It’s a new type of bond that the Asha’man figured out.

    Chapter 28:
    -Two Rivers saying : “Men teach cats curiosity, but cats keep sense for themselves”. Mat thinks that he’s not a cat, while stalking out of the sitting room.
    -Mat’s never heard of squid or octopus
    -Lemonade is unknown in the Two Rivers. Mat doesn’t believe that it could possibly be refreshing after he took a bite of a lemon. :rofl

    Chapter 29:
    -And Tylin…. Ughh, poor Mat. :(
    -Mat thinks of a ‘dark bronze silk’ coat as plain. How far he’s come.
    -Mat thinks to himself that, unlike Tylin, he never chased anyone who made it clear she didn’t want to be chased.
    -Beslan has never seen snow
    -People can’t beg in Ebou Dar without belonging to the Beggars’ Guild
    -Mat doesn’t seem to realize that the people attacking them aren’t just beggars
    -Beslan has an interesting reaction to Mat and Tylin. This is apparently normal behavior for queens of Ebou Dar and Beslan’s just happy that his mom is happy. This freaks Mat out and he runs away… letting his ta’veren nature take over.
    -Reanne has been feeling called to move many of the Kin outside the city. Ta’veren tugging, perhaps.

    Chapter 30:
    -Elayne is about to be punished for revealing a secret she didn’t even know. Aes Sedai logic is just… not… sometimes. :facepalm
    -Elayne can’t believe her mother would be with the Whitecloaks (again, understandably) and thinks Carridin is just trying to mock her with the letter.
    -Elayne takes charge and it’s wonderful. :joy
    -The Kin have been proactive in letting the White Tower know about people claiming to be Aes Sedai, probably why Setalle Anan thought to bring Elayne and Nynaeve to the Kin.
    -Elayne tells the other Aes Sedai something shocking about the Kin, presumably their ages.
    -Pigeons flying in front of Moghedien as she’s weaving balefire save Nynaeve’s life
    -Moghedien is terrified of Moridin and exercises her control over Falion and Ispan.

    Chapter 31:
    -Nynaeve doesn’t understand Aviendha’s fear of large bodies of water and thinks that Aviendha would have enjoyed a nice refreshing boat ride.
    -Nynaeve surrenders to saidin and breaks her block. :joy :joy I love this part.
    -Nynaeve lies to Lan and tells him that they’re already betrothed since he gave her a ring, saying that that’s the custom in the Two Rivers.
    -When Elayne goes to confront the Kin, the room is so tense that Elayne’s tempted to shout “boo” to see what would happen. :rofl
    -It’s so satisfying when the Kin realize that Elayne really is Aes Sedai. ^^
    -Women in the Wheel of Time do a lot of fainting. :lol Kin are fainting all over the place here.
    -Elayne reveals Egwene’s plan to have every woman who can channel connected to the Tower, which is a dream come true for so many of the Kin.
    -Reanne really wants to be Green Ajah, which makes Elayne feel a kinship with her
    -Elayne is surprised about how many Kinswomen there are, especially if they refuse wilders
    -Reanne says she’s 411 years old and Merilille faints. :lol

    Chapter 32:
    -Elaida dreams of having all the rebel Aes Sedai cast out of their Ajahs until granted permission to rejoin by Elaida, with the Blue Ajah disbanded
    -She also dreams of making Aes Sedai swear an oath of fealty to her. Ironically, it’s Egwene who has Aes Sedai that oath to her.
    -Alviarin shouts at her rudely and then lies and says she simply said “Please wake up, Mother.” Elaida believes her since she doesn’t think Alviarin can lie. This could be a clue to Elaida, though, that Alviarin’s Black Ajah.
    -Alviarin is trying to turn the Ajahs against each other and she has enough control over Elaida that Elaida has to go along with it. She no longer even tries to hide it in politeness. Elaida doesn’t want to turn the Ajahs against each other.
    -Elaida misremembers the exact words of her Foretelling and thinks that it had spoken of her triumpth
    -Alviaririn is certain the Asha’man will slaughter the sisters sent to the Black Tower, which is part of her plan.
    -Seaine is a loyalist, but doesn’t support Elaida. And she’s annoyed at Elaida for disliking her wooden cat figures. :giggle
    -Seaine’s family is long dead, but she still has reminders of them. She even still keeps the comfy chair carved by her father when she was raised Aes Sedai. That’s so sweet. :)
    -When Pevara was first raised, she was encouraged to break off her friendship with Seaine. :(
    -I like Seaine and Pevara. :D And so begins the search for the Black Ajah.
    -Pevara references the male channeler pogrom after the Aiel War. Seaine isn’t aware of it. Pevara was aware, but not involved.
    -Seaine has figured out that the Black Ajah can lie.

    Chapter 33:
    -Poor Rand is convinced that he raped Min and terrified to see her again. :(
    -Min sees Rand merging with another man, after which one of them dies and one doesn’t. Rand takes it to refer to him and Lews Therin, proving that he’s real. I assume it’s actually referring to him merging with Moridin in AMoL.
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    I don't think Elaida misremembers the Foretelling, she just misinterprets it ;) I mean, "the Amyrlin" is her, in her mind, and she can't or refuses to consider any other option. As for "Sisters will walk on the ground" Black Tower part, of course that means triumph :look Any other idea is completely ludicrous and impossible :p
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    Yeah, I'm with Adui on that one - I think Eliada has simply misinterpreted her Foretelling, rather than misremembered it.

    Also, YAY PEVARA! :joy She is my very favorite minor character. My entire opinion of the Red Ajah changed due to her. I'm so looking forward to her relationship with Androl in the coming books.
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    I always interpreted it as her misinterpreting it initially and then she kinda just runs with that interpretation for long enough that she tricks herself into thinking that those were the actual words. Of course, that theory doesn't work if we ever see her actually quoting the actual words she used in the Foretelling, but there have been a couple times when she's been thinking about it that she seemed to think the Foretelling explicitly said something to back up her interpretation. Or it's possible she just doesn't care about the actual words anymore and no longer thinks about the word-for-word Foretelling as it was initially given and only about the meaning she got out of it at the time. :cheese

    And yess!! :D I love Pevara and Androl! ^^
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    I wish we had a Pevara and Androl spinoff book, I love me some classic Battle Couples.
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    :eek That would have been epic!
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    That would've been amazing! :joy

    Ok, I'm finally done with Crown of Swords. :desk Now for Path of Daggers... I'm caught up on reading, just not on typing up my notes. :$

    Yeah! :blink That was close.

    That’s how I always saw it. You can invert your weaves when you’re tying something off and leaving it, but doing it on the fly is more difficult and I honestly never even considered that it could be done with projectile-like weaves. I always saw it as something you would only do when you were tying off a weave.
    I’ve always wondered this as well. :scratch

    That would have been cool! :D

    Yeah, it is weird that she didn’t leave shortly after she entered, but I guess after so long in it, it becomes addictive like the dagger did to Mat. You don’t want to leave.

    Chapter 34:
    That's interesting! I hadn't noticed the difference in wording there, showing that he won't be the one binding the west to the south. Very cool. :)
    -When the Aes Sedai board the Atha’an Miere ship with Rand, the channelers among the Atha’an Miere discuss to decide what to do about them.
    -Rand’s ta’verenness makes Harine name him the Coramoor, weakening her bargaining position
    -She tries to make Rand come alone because the cabin is small. It doesn’t work.
    -The Atha’an Miere prophecies say that Rand will help them rule the seas of the world.
    -Rand really should have stayed and let his ta’verenness facilitate the bargain.
    -To the Sea Folk, Seanchan is the ‘Islands of the Dead’, from which no ship returns.

    Chapter 35:
    -Min is hiding her viewing from Rand that says that he’ll fail without Moiraine, because she thinks it’s a useless viewing, with Moiraine dead. She sees it as her only viewing that has ever failed.
    -Rand: “I’m the Dragon Reborn and today I can do anything.” :rolleyes
    -Caraline covers for Rand and Min, saying they’re her cousin and his wife.
    -Min sees that Daved Hanlon will kill anyone on a whim. He’s leading mercenaries working for Toram Riatin.
    -Padan Fain is in the tent with Caraline, Rand, and Min. Fain has no auras around him.

    Chapter 36:
    -A woman who sees Rand using balefire, flees back into the deadly fog rather than stay around a man who can channel
    -Flinn keeps trying to tell Samitsu about what he did to Heal Rand, but Samitsu is too busy asking him to talk to notice. :giggle

    Chapter 37:
    Seriously. :| Elayne and Nynaeve both do it, but Elayne at least starts to realize that Mat needs to be told things… especially about his own men! :| :|
    -Tylin had serving woman kidnap Mat and drag him into her apartments. :mad
    -Mat thinks of Tylin that “The bloody woman treated him like a toy!” Ironic given that he ends up falling for a woman who call him Toy. :p
    -Mat notices Elayne’s voice cracking when she mentions Carridin. He doesn’t know why, but thinks it sounds like she holds a personal grudge against him. She does, because of the letter she received from Carridin about her mother.
    -Mat tells Elayne that she should want to get to Caemlyn quickly so Rand can ‘give her’ the Lion Throne. :facepalm
    -Nynaeve and Lan end up following Atha’an Miere marriage customs after being married by them.

    Chapter 38:
    -Ebou Dar has an insane number of festivals. :blink Despite that, southerners have a reputation for industry.
    -Mat doesn’t realize how you’re supposed to eat oysters.
    -Nynaeve can say whatever she wants to Lan in public, by Sea Folk custom. The opposite is true in private.
    -Elayne reprimands Rand for seducing Tylin, but then he describes what’s actually happened. She doesn’t have a great reaction, but she does at least believe him and agrees that it’s bad of Tylin… though that’s of course followed up by her muttering that he’s getting a taste of his own medicine.
    -Mat is understandably pissed at the lack of sympathy from Elayne.
    -Later, though, Elayne does apologize and says that she’ll talk to Nynaeve for him about it. I’m glad at least they were understanding about it… despite Elayne’s initial reaction.
    -While I do generally like Elayne, and I can understand that it’s because of her upbringing, but I do get annoyed when she starts calling her friends her subjects. :rolleyes
    -Mat swearing: “Sheep swallp and bloody buttered onions” :rofl
    -Beslan’s thoughts on women: “What’s the fun of kissing a woman without the risk she’ll decide to stick a knife in you?” Ebou Dar is strange…
    -Nalesean :( :cry :cry Mat wishes he would’ve just let Nalesean stay in bed
    -By ‘luck’, Mat happens to brush the gholam with his medallion
    -Flows of saidar melt away when they touch the gholam, in the same way they melt when touching Mat’s medallion
    -Elayne tries out swearing after the battle. Mat notices how awkward it sounds.

    Chapter 39:
    -The dice are rolling in Mat’s head. They won’t stop until a wall falls on him and he’s forced to stay in Ebou Dar (and meet Tuon)
    -Sumeko begins questioning the omnipotence of Aes Sedai, after a conversation with Nynaeve.
    -The Atha’an Miere ask Mat how he knows what the gholam was and he can’t tell them, since no one will believe him.
    -Nynaeve and Elayne are using Mat to make the Atha’an Miere follow them away from Ebou Dar. Seriously, guys, it would not have ruined things to just tell Mat about your plan. :| You want mat on your side.
    -Mat remembers a terrible insult, ‘daughter of the sands’, to use against Renaile in his old memories.
    -Renaile is forced to agree to Mat’s deal because of his being ta’veren. She doesn’t mean to say the words. She does realize afterward, though, what happened, and that it was because he’s ta’veren.
    -What does Renaile mean when she says that she hopes Mat will ‘walk a rope for her’ one day.
    -Elayne and Nynaeve apologize, but Nynaeve still doesn’t think Mat deserves to know why they were using him! :desk
    -And Elayne condescends to call him an ‘observant subject’ when he mentions their old less-than-favorable bargain with the Atha’an Miere
    -Mat can’t let Lopin stay behind to see Nalesean buried. :cry
    -Mat half-remembers what Elayne said about Nynaeve saying there’s a storm coming, and not just the wind.

    Chapter 40:
    -Galina accidentally makes the Wise Ones with Sevanna think that she confessed to killing Desaine.
    -Sevanna had expected Galina to deny the accusation of killing Deseine, since Aes Sedai can’t lie, but is pleased with what happened.
    -Sevanna dreams of having other Wise ones hold the Oath Rod to swear to her, though she doesn’t actually expect it to happen.
    -Sevanna makes an Aiel insult to Caddar, saying that she’ll drink tea with him in her tent, rather than water.
    -Sammael calls the ‘traveling boxes’ he gives to Sevanna nar’baha, which means ‘fool box’ in the Old Tongue.
    -Sevanna is blatantly disobeying ji’e’toh and plans to keep her wetlander gai’shain forever, but with a new name since they’ll never put off the white.
    -Sevanna thinks that Caddar would not dare betray her, since he was so hungry for gold. She doesn’t exactly doubt Caddar, but is a little apprehensive and tries to take precautions.
    -Sammael is cocky and is confident that Rand isn’t going to come after him.
    -Shaidar Haran can distinguish saidin and saidar by smell.
    -Shaidar Haran can’t stay away from Shayol Ghul for long and wants to try to change that. It’s perhaps similar to the Ogier longing for Steddings.

    Chapter 41:
    -Dashiva/Aginor is trying to figure out what Rand’s up to and is studying Adley
    -Min reveals that Rand needs Cadsuane. She’s going to teach him and Asha’man something they need to know, but won’t like learning.
    -Dashiva is increasingly frustrated to not understand what Rand’s plans are with Sammael
    -Rand seizes saidin and ‘something crooked and red spiderwebbed across the outside of the Void’
    -Balefire meets… oops. I wonder if it would be the same if the two balefires were woven with saidin/saidar, rather than one being the True Power.
    -Moridin tells Rand that he shouldn’t let himself get killed because many plans will have to be relaid.
    -Rand realizes that the man who helped him, Moridin, didn’t create a saidin residue when channeling and that Rand couldn’t feel anything.
    -Sammael had had a lot of influence over Mattin Stepaneos and the others on the Council think he might have had something to do with the king’s disappearance. In reality, Elaida had him kidnapped.
    -Tear had continued to send grain to Illian even after Rand stopped keeping track of it. :) So Rand feels like he actually deserves this crown for once. This makes me happy. ^^
    -Rand feels like “King of the World” has a good sound to it. :lol
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