I waited 18 years for THIS? (no spoilers)

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    1. No resolution on getting Tuon to admit she can channel and to stop enslaving channelers. Plus, Mat needs to go get that woman in line.
    2. Rand in another body? Sorry, but that does affect things. But them running off and just waiting to see who will follow him? Prick.
    3. Leftover Orcs.
    4. The Blight?
    5. Aes Sedai marrying old men. Those are gonna be short marriages, bond or no.
    6. Perrin to wear crown?
    7. Restoration of Malkier?
    8. Seanchan over half the land.
    9. Someone could still attempt to revive Manetheren.
    I could list more, but I'm not inclined to do it, really.
    It's one thing to not wrap up every single story, but they didn't wrap up any of the major ones.
    I hated the series ending. I hated that there was a lot of story that just never needed to be told in previous books. I agree that it was pretty much 8 books too long. Then again, I'm reading the Bible now, and I think it's twice as long as it needs to be, and I only just finished the books of Moses. And Tolkien's books were 4 books too long, but that's because I hated his writing style. So... :cheese
    I didn't care for Sanderson's attempts at altering certain characterizations, particularly Mat. He tried too hard to make things humorous instead of letting them happen more naturally. It was like suddenly having Jar Jar Binks in the books. :p
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    I was disappointed also... I dont need a step by step in depth detailed analysis of each character at the end... However , there should be more info on characters that we were imvolved with for several years..... There was alot of HOLES left and no satisfaction after following certain story lines.