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    There used to be a thread for this.

    Someone I know got in touch with a non profit who contacted me today to let me know that they've raised enough money for us to clear all of my medical bills and buy my son a nice headstone, I can't even right now. This is the nicest thing. To everyone who donates to a cause and wonders if it made a difference I will tell you right now yes it does. I can't even comprehend this right now but I'm so thankful for the kindness of strangers
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    Jun 12, 2014
    That's so great, Alora! :hug
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    May 6, 2014
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    Awesome news, @Alora!


    I had to have an important surgery three years ago on February 10th. Arrangements had already been made with the mom of one of my daughter’s classmates for her to transport my daughter to and from school for a week or two after surgery. However, I started showing signs of a cold which would have delayed that surgery. The mom ended up taking my daughter to and from school for three weeks solid: one week before so I didn’t catch a full-blown cold and delay my surgery, the week immediately following surgery, and an additional week until I felt well enough and confident enough to drive again.

    The same day I found out that cold was starting to develop, the pre-op nurse scheduled a sudden doctor appointment to ensure I could even have said surgery. With Mr. Nem working on-site, my mother-in-law picking up my own mom from the airport (so she could be here to help), and my inability to drive, I ended up having to ask a neighbor to chauffeur me to that doctor appointment. My kids even ended up not being able to go to school that day so they also had to ride along, too. Because of this, my neighbor even sat in the waiting room with them while I had my appointment. Once the appointment ended, my m-I-l and mom were going to meet us and take my kids to their pediatrician’s walk-in clinic since we were already in the area. I assured my neighbor it was alright for her to head back to her house while we waited for the second leg of our ride to arrive. Instead, she kinda hung out nearby just in case my m-i-l got lost (since she doesn’t live in this part of town) or confused within all the medical plaza buildings.

    The same goes for my mom and m-i-l who, in addition to everything above, was able to help out while I was completely incapacitated. Mr. Nem didn’t have to take off work at all the week after because my mom was here to manage the household stuff and medication. Then my m-i-l had to drive back down (45-minutes one way just to our house) when my daughter had an allergic reaction to the medicine she needed from the aforementioned walk-in pediatrician appointment and had to be taken back to her pediatrician. Then when my mom went back home, my m-i-l basically babysat me, and was able to be present when my kids got home from school and until Mr. Nem got home from work.

    So, yeah, I’m extremely grateful everyone was able to help during the craziest and most stressful three weeks of my life.
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    Yay, Alora!!!! That makes me happy!

    Polegnyn, that is amazing.

    So, I did a big thing for myself last semester and signed up for a Women2Women personal coaching program, because sometimes you need that kind of figure in your life who isn't a business advisor, actual counselor, or even friends and family. My coach is a social worker herself and is amazing. We met for the second time yesterday following an ice storm that made the sidewalks on campus all black ice (driving was ok, walking definitely was a slippy slide event unless you walked in the snow) and she gave me a ride from the coffee shop to my classroom building so I didn't have to walk another half a mile on those sidewalks.