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Aug 23, 2019
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Welcome to TarValon.Net!

I'm Arella Mathara, Mayor of TarValon.Net. I'm here as one of many resources to help you on the path to full membership at our website. If you have any questions about anything you see here, feel free to contact me via PM.

As a new member, you are a visitor with a small portion of the site available to you. It is just a taste of what the site has to offer. In order to become a full member and potentially access the levels beyond, you must first become a citizen.


How to Become a Citizen:

Step 1: fulfill these requirements:

  1. Be at least 13 years of age.
  2. Have a first name and a last name to use on the boards.
  3. Have a unique name. It may not be a duplicate of another member’s name, except for your last name if your are related to that member by blood in real life or married to them in real life.
  4. Have a name not similar or the same as the name of a character from the Wheel of Time series. If you need to change your name in order to fulfill these requirements, please email the name change to prior to filling out your application.
  5. Have a humanoid avatar that is not a duplicate of any other member’s and that has an exact size of 200x200 pixels.
  6. Make 25 posts. * (Read below!)
  7. (Your account may not violate a copyright.)

We will double-check your name and face after you fill out the form, but if you would like to check if your choice of name is available, click on "Members" at the top of your browser. Every user on the site is listed here alphabetically by first name. To double-check your avatar, you may search the Who’s Who.

* The goal of 25 posts should ideally be achieved by single, all-encompassing posts. Double-posting and multi-posting (making several consecutive posts with no one else's in between) is considered to some extent to be spam, and so it is discouraged. There is a very handy option for responding to multiple people at once in a single post - multiquoting.

In order to multi-quote, hit the "+quote" button at the bottom of each of the posts you wish to quote. Once you are done marking every post you wish to quote, simply hit "Insert quotes" on the bottom of the page. In the pop-up, click "Quote these messages." They will insert into the post. Add whatever content you see fit, then click "Post reply."

Step 2: fill out this form:

The backbone of the Tower is the boards. To understand how we expect you to post, please read the Membership Manual and be kind to people here. Before posting in any forum, read every thread at the top of the forum, also known as "Stickies". If the thread calls for, please respond with R&U (Read & Understood). As a new member I encourage you to make a thread in the Introductions forum and tell a little bit about yourself, but it is not required.

Another great way to meet other members of our community is to join our Discord Server. We chat, celebrate site festivals, and play games. You must create a username that is recognisable as your name on the Boards to participate. To join, click here:

You may read our "Blog" to learn about events in the Wheel of Time community and on the site through the words of those who manage the site. Click here!

Though you do not yet have access to the forum, there are real life events all over the world that you may attend. There are local events hosted by small pockets of Tower folk. There are also a couple large, annual events where membership can rise into the double or even triple digits, as well as occasional international events.

What else is there to do with the site? There are many possibilities for you to explore and discover. Welcome, and I hope you’ll stick with us and stay around!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I become an Aes Sedai?

A: Yes, you can become an Aes Sedai on the site, but it is not an instantaneous transformation. It requires some time and work. You can also become a Gaidin and be bonded to an Aes Sedai, but you cannot be both. You may choose the path of Aes Sedai or Gaidin regardless of your gender identity.

Q: What are the requirements for avatars?

A: Avatars must be humanoid. You must have permission from the artist if you use another’s work. Please reach out if you need help finding an avatar, both avatar makers like picrew, and Open Access images from the Met and the Smithsonian are great places to start looking, you don't need permission to use these! When you upload your profile picture, it will automatically crop it to the default 200x200 size. More information may be found in the Membership Manual here.

Q: What are the requirements for signatures?

A: You must have permission from the artist to use another’s work. There are basically two kinds of signatures: text signatures and graphical signatures. If you just type some words and put a smiley or two, that is a text banner. If you attach an image for a graphical signature, no banner may exceed 450x100 pixels. There are a large number of programs you may use to make a signature, and all of full members in the Introductions forum will be happy to talk about making signatures if you’d like their thoughts. No animated or flash banners are allowed.

Q: What is an opt-in forum?

We have many forums here on TarValon.Net. A few of these are what we refer to as opt-in forums. This means that to be able to see them, you have to ask for it. There are three opt-in only forums called News & Politics, Spirituality & Religion, and Gender Discussion. The News & Politics is self-moderated, the CoC is still in effect however. When filling out the form to become a full member you get the option to join the ones you wish to :pleased-1:


The Membership Manual

A lot of the questions you have may be answered by reading the site's Membership Manual. Everyone should read the manual before becoming a citizen, but there is no test or quiz: we trust you will review these resources we have prepared for you as a new member. To take a look:

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