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    It's time to hire new moderators and operators. Thank you to everyone who has served this past term, I know there have been a lot of changes and we're hoping that we can make this transition happen as smoothly as possible. Moderators and Operators are staff positions that work in the Department of Technology and report to the Mistress of the Watch - Moderation. The terms will start as soon as possible and run through April 1st, 2020. Following this, the moderator/operator rotation will be 6 month terms that go from October 1st - March 31st and April 1st - September 30th.

    The requirements to be a moderator/operator are as follows:
    • You must be a member of at least 3 months
    • You must check the boards/Discord regularly (depending on what you would like to moderate)
    • You must possess tact and discretion
    • You must be willing to learn how to use xenforo/Discord moderation actions
    • You must be willing to remove all users from 'ignore' for the period of your service as a moderator and/or not block tower members on Discord


    We are moving away from a system of moderation towards one of mediation. That means that our "moderation handbook" will be changing, and any moderators hired for this term will have help in crafting the new handbook. This will include determining exactly how to handle reports and how to decide what needs to be moderated. Moderators will be responsible for the General Forum, Discussion Halls, and Book/Show Discussion Forums. In previous discussions about the forums, there has been an argument made that certain forums would benefit from dedicated moderators who help promote activity in that forum. Anyone who believes that a certain forum would benefit from a dedicated mod should discuss that in their application.

    Moderators will be responsible for periodically checking the forums to ensure everything is running smoothly - note that moderators are not expected to read every single thread, but to be generally aware of forum activity. They will also be responsible for alerting the MotW - Moderation should an issue arise, for handling to any reported posts within their purview, and working with the MotW - Moderation and other moderators to resolve any issues that may arise.

    In your application, please include the following information:
    • Why you would like to be a forum moderator
    • Your availability and how often are you online
    • Any ideas you may have for moderation moving forward
    • Is there a specific forum you would like to moderate? Why does this forum needs a dedicated moderator?

    Discord Operators

    We have informally been using Discord, and now are planning to expand it and integrate it more into the tower. This means that we will be developing a "discord handbook" about how discord will be handled, including optimizing the rules, developing procedures for how to handle inappropriate behavior, procedures for adding/removing channels, and generally developing and expanding the tower discord. We will also discuss virtual events on discord, voice chat, and anything else that comes up. I encourage people who would like to help shape the direction of tower discords and who would like to run more virtual events to apply.

    Operators will be responsible for moderating the Tower Discord server, enforcing Tower policies, diffusing any flare-ups that may occur between members, assigning roles to new members and helping them with any Discord-related questions, and assisting the MotW-Moderation in developing the server. I will be helping any new operators learn about how to moderate using Discord, so even if you have never done so, please feel free to apply.

    In your application, please include the following information:
    • Why you would like to be a discord operator
    • Your availability, how often you are on Discord, and your time zone (we would like as much coverage as possible)
    • Any ideas you have for Discord or events you would be interested in running

    I'm looking for at least 4 moderators for the forums and at least 4 operators for Discord. If you would like to apply and meet the requirements, please send in an application to moderators@tarvalon.net, technology@tarvalon.net, and keeper@tarvalon.net by October 3rd, 2020 with subject line APPLICATION - [POSITION] - [YOUR NAME]. You are welcome to apply for both a moderator and operator position, just indicate that in your application/subject line.

    It's a short application window, but we would like moderators and operators to be checking the forums/discord more than once a week. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me via e-mail, PM, or on Discord.
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    The Mediators look forward to helping with any mediation needs! Good luck to all who apply.
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