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  1. Aryawnah Federov

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    May 6, 2002
    I want to begin this post by thanking the current Outreach team for all their help and service within the Department of Community Outreach.Now, the Department of Community Outreach is looking to add some new staff members. If you want to be involved in creating and promoting our charitable endeavors to the rest of the site, or work on community engagement and fundraising- this is the place for you! In the coming months we will be holding the summer Annual Fundraiser for TarValon.Net as well as our Feast of Lights Fundraiser late in the fall. We will also be coordinating Outreach activities at real life events in both Europe and North America and continuing to respond to crisis's around the world by raising awareness amongst our members and showing ways they can help. We've also got a few other fun things planned and joining the team now will give you lots of great opportunities to be involved.

    These are staff positions within the Department of Community Outreach. You will be working directly with the Director of Community Outreach, the Community Care Coordinator, and other staff members to plan and implement activities promoting charity and philanthropy to the TarValon.Net community. This will include everything from our annual large charitable drive, our annual site fundraiser, making philanthropy a more continuous focus in our forums and at our real life events, and even exciting projects that are forthcoming to fund the annual Robert Jordan Memorial Scholarship.


    • ​Participate in brainstorming ideas for new projects.
    • Creating plans and activities to promote charity and philanthropy to our members and recognizing the charitable work they already do.
    • Implementing projects (which may include creating electronic tracking systems, writing, editing, and creating digital art).
    • Executing projects (which may include data entry and active participation in projects).


    • Be a member of any rank, in good standing, for at least three months. (newer members are encouraged to apply!)
    • Be able to devote 5-10 hours per week as needed
    • Be creative
    • Be motivated and enthusiastic about developing new projects
    • Be able to complete tasks in a timely manner, with or without direct supervision
    • Be passionate about promoting the concept of "Servant of All" for which our community stands

    If you are interested in working as a staff member in the Department of Community Outreach please email outreach@tarvalon.net, communitycare@tarvalon.net, and keeper@tarvalon.net with your application and in the subject line please use "COMM. OUTREACH STAFF - your name" In your application please include areas you are particularly interested in working, any related experience you have, and any ideas you have for promoting philanthropy/charity in our community.

    Applications are due no later than Saturday, January 7, 2017.
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    Thank you for your service, and good luck to all the applicants. ^^
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