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    We're trying to boost our numbers and extend our reach as we get closer to the site release, but we can't do it alone. So, this is an open call for all of the Marketing teams. One of the concerns recently brought to us is the time commitment. So, this is me officially saying the Marketing team has no time requirements. If you want to be a guest writer for the blog, do it. If you want to write a long story or article and have us break it into pieces so you only have to write every few months, awesome. Have graphic design experience, but not a lot of time? We can work with that. We take on long term projects that can be worked on over a longer period of time and we also have quick, short term projects that can be turned over in an afternoon and everything in between. You tell us what you can do, and we'll fit our needs into your schedule. Social Media is looking at a bit of an overhaul and, with enough people, we can have someone working as little as a few hours once a month or once every other month. We're doing everything we can to be as flexible as possible so anyone who wishes to help has that opportunity.

    If any of this sounds good to you, please send an email to marketing@tarvalon.net, projectmanager@tarvalon.net, socialmedia@tarvalon.net, and editor@tarvalon.net. I know that's a lot, but this way we can guarantee your email gets where you want it to go in case you're unsure. Plus, we work as a team and love to hear from all of you. There's no deadline and no pressure on this, so if you think you could help or want to ask questions, please let us know!
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