[Closed] Hiring: Co-Director of Technology

Mieriana Souvra

Aes Sedai
Apr 20, 2009
~Tampa, FL
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There are some positions at the Tower which require a skill set and time commitment which can be difficult for a single person to maintain over time, yet the workload does not lend itself well to being split. The Director of Technology is one such position. The branches of Technology need to work closely together to ensure a good experience for the site membership, but when time constraints of the person filling the role are insufficient to meet the growing needs of the Tower, a solution must be found.

Deoan has such time restraints, and so has requested that we hire an additional Director of Technology. For this position, we are hiring a Co-Director, rather than a Deputy. This person will work as a team with Deoan, but has equal authority, so that they are able to truly work independently, to authorize work to be done, and advancements to be made without needing to wait for Deoan. If there are any disagreements that cannot be overcome, Keeper of the Chronicles will be the tie-breaker. It is our fervent belief that this will strongly benefit the Tower as it moves forward, especially in this critical time for the WoT fandom.

With the specialized skillset required, previous Directors of Technology are welcome to apply; however I would encourage anyone who feels up to this challenge to please apply.

Position Overview:

The Department of Technology exists to maintain our website, Discord and forums, to take care of IT problems and projects as they arise, as well as providing general moderation. Simply put, the Directors of Technology are responsible for keeping the Tower online and safe for the membership. The array of technology that the Tower employs is broad and complex, and while you will have Masters of the Watch and Deoan, you will be responsible for learning to manage all the various parts. Please note that discretion is an absolute must for this position because you will have access to everything. This position will require a fair amount of time. You will be working directly with the current Director of Technology, @Deoan Kakarot, for the duration of your tenure in the position.


  • Must be a Senior Member in good standing with TarValon.Net for at least 1 year

  • Must be trustworthy and organized.

  • Must be willing to devote at least 10-15 hours per week to this position

  • Must work well with others, and be able to stay in timely contact with The Amyrlin Seat, Keeper of the Chronicles, Co-Director, Administrators, and staff.

  • Must be willing to work with other Department of Technology personnel, including the other Director

  • Must be driven to improve, not just maintain, the Tower

  • Preferred to be experienced in working with at least some of following areas, and be willing to learn the rest:

    • Xenforo (or similar Web Forum software)

    • Discord (or similar telecommunications software)

    • Coding / Scripting: HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP

    • Web design / applications

    • MySQL

    • Linux Administration
* While not required, prior experience in the Department of Technology is a plus.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Serve as an Executive, giving advice to the Amyrlin and Keeper for Technology and non-technical issues as needed

  • Attend quarterly to monthly meetings with site leadership

  • Manage and Lead Department of Technology staff and administrators

  • Perform Project Management for all technical aspects of the boards and related systems

  • Envision, Engineer and Implement new technological improvements

  • Oversee server administration

  • Be available to work on Technology issues and projects as they appear. The time commitment will vary week to week, but you should expect to spend at least 10-15 hours per week
How to Apply:

Send an email with the subject "APPLICATION - CO-DIRECTOR OF TECHNOLOGY - YOURNAMEHERE" to technology@tarvalon.net, keeper@tarvalon.net, and amyrlin@tarvalon.net . In your email, please give us your qualifications -- history with the Tower and any experience/skills that you believe would be beneficial in the Tech department. A CV or resume would not be amiss.

If you have any questions about the position or are not sure you are qualified, please reach out. We are happy to answer any questions, or talk to you about it before you decide whether to apply.

Deadline for application: February 24, 2021