Help! What's the name of that book?

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    So. Help me remember the name of a book I read years ago. I probably read this between 1995 and 2005 but it might be a lot older than that. Or not.

    It was fantasy. It might be classed YA today, but this was way before YA got to be the phenomenon it is now. My memories are fairly vague. the main character was a young man or a boy. For some reason he was wondering around by himself. Then he met another young man/boy who was some kind of beggar or a thief. The other boy was thought to be cursed or something because his eyes were different colours. The boys stuck together and for some reason sought out a female seer (or oracle or witch) and the boy with odd eyes stayed with the woman and bacame her apprentice while the main character continued on his travels.

    I think there must have been something significant going on with the main character but I can't remember what. I dn't think he saved the world or anything that grand, I remember the book being more low key. But there must have been more plot beyond the friend with the eyes and the seer. I just can't remember. Or perhaps I do remember but am just not connecting this small side-plot with the correct main one.


    Feel free to hijack the thread to voice your own questions about forgotten books.
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    Ooh... it sounds really familiar! But I can't come up with the name...
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    Ok I know this is really old and you may have found it.

    BUT is the book in this list at all?

    Fictional Characters with heterochromia

    or here

    Mismatched eyes


    I have an ask but as I was writing it I just didn't think it would be something anyone would know so stopped.

    I might come back to ask another time ;)
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    The eye color thing sounds a little like the Graceling Trilogy by Kristin Cashore. The main character is a girl but book one starts off by talking about a young noble who is being trained by a thief. People who have magic have eyes that or two different colors and/or change colors. The lords of the land hire or buy these magic users to do things for them with their magic. Each magic user has a specialty. The main female chaAracter has a death talent: she can kill people easily and fight well. The main male character tells people that he also has a death talent but the truth is that he can read minds. He can fight well because he knows what his opponent will do before they do it! The lord finds out that the young noble can read minds and he plans on using his power.
    The girl saves the boy by spiriting him away from the lord. The bulk of the book is about the girl getting the boy away from the lord but the first part is about them getting to know each other.
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