David B. Coe - Lon Tobyn Chronicle

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    Apr 23, 2016
    This weekend at JordanCon, I got to meet David B. Coe, the author of the Lon Tobyn Chronicle, which was his first book releases. They contained 'Children of Amarid', 'The Outlanders', and 'Eagle Sage'. I found the first book around the time I discovered the wheel of time back in 1997.
    It was a very light-hearted adventure featuring Wizards of the land. I remember enjoying it a lot.

    Talking to David B. Coe, he was telling me about how he wasn't too pleased with the original releases of the books, so he decided to do an author edit of the books again, and re-released them in large paperback last year, which I could not help but purchase from him over the weekend. Has anyone else here ever read these books? I'm going to re-read them again now that the prose has been updated on the books. He promised that the story and characters haven't been changed. He just updated his writing style to his current level.