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    Sep 18, 2019
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    I was wondering if there was a resource like a catalogue of every clothing item that's been described in the books. I've seen what's at the Thirteenth Depository and that's of course incredibly thorough, but not quite like what I'm picturing.

    I'm interested of course in what the clothes generally look like, but I also want to see if a character tends to prefer certain cuts, certain colors, styles of embroidery, etc, and what that might mean for their character. I saw a post on tumblr recently that delved into the meaning of the costume colors for the characters, and it was interesting the connection between Denethor's black+gray and how those colors reflect how much control he has over others (Faramir wears green until he rides out on his father-ordered suicide mission, Pippin putting on the squire costume, etc).

    If this resource already exists, point me at it, but if not ... I might be making a spread sheet of every single time clothing/accessories are mentioned on my next read-through.
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    Ummm that would be awesome, Aratouial!!

    All I know is Nynaeve wears blue and green because Lan likes those colours :look I do think there are characters mentioned who wear more embroidery and jewels and those who wear plainer dresses to show personality differences.

    I've looked a lot at Thirteenth Depository, too. I was going to get my sister to draw up some fashions for the Borderlands (she's taken fashion drawing). So we'll see if that ever happens.
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    I had the exact same though the other day! But to my knowledge, it doesn't exist (yet).