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    Unfortunately, Loraella has had to step down for personal reasons. We are so grateful for her short time, and wish her all the best.
    Thank you so much :hug

    Sadly, that means the hiring post is up again. Its a quick turn around for this one due to the circumstances.

    The MoA/S is an administrative position in the Department of Membership. This position focuses on handling all aspects of a Accepted or Soldier's life in the Tower. You'll also be called upon to provide counsel to the Director of Membership and the Officers.

    You must be a Senior Member for at least six months.
    Knowledge of the Bylaws and Member Manual are a plus; if you don't know them, you will learn them. Tact, diplomacy, and discretion are a must in this position, as you'll be privy to information that normal members are not!
    Positions in the Department of Membership run in 18 month terms. You should plan on being able to serve the full term, although we do know that sometimes events in our real lives make this impossible.

    Duties and Responsibilities
    --Provide counsel to the administration as needed
    --Keep track of where your underlings are at and send raising packets as necessary.
    --Provide the first line of defense when membership problems with accepted and/or soldiers arise
    --Work with the Director and other membership admins when inter-group problems arise
    --moderate the associated forums for the position
    --build morale and activity within the groups
    --work to coordinate plans to celebrate community-wide festivals and freedays
    --write quarterly reports to the Director about your soldiers and accepted
    --anything and everything I've forgotten that deals with Tier 2 members

    Please send an email to,, and with the subject "APPLICATION - MASTER/MISTRESS OF ACCEPTED AND SOLDIERS - YOUR NAME HERE" by July 21st.

    Please include why you think you'd be a good leader for your group, and any other information that we should consider, including ideas you have for the position and any thoughts for the future.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.