BV Larson - Undying Mercenaries

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    Jadar M'Blado

    Sep 4, 2012
    Is anyone here familiar and/or fans of this series? Mr. Larson is a sci-fi author of many different series but I find the Undying Mercenaries series to be, by far, my favorite.

    In the not-so-distant-future (relatively speaking) Earth is annexed by the so-called Galactic Empire who give Earth an ultimatum: join or be erased. The requirements: undying loyalty to the the Emprie, and Earth has to provide a trade good. Well, Earth is great at one thing. Killing each other! So, they hire out as mercenaries. Coupled with futuristic tech which allows soldiers to be revived, Earth is seemingly unstoppable...or is it?

    The protagonist of the series, one James McGill, is a southern redneck at a dead end who decides to join the most notorious of Earth's mercenary legions. Little does he know how adept at the game, both military and political he will become.

    This series is both downright hilarious and quite different from other scifi series. McGill's antics and the situations he gets himself into, both willingly and unwittingly are always good entertainment.

    Definitely not a teen reader, but if you like funny, futuristic novels full of aliens, blood, sex, intrigue, and cursing, this is a great series and I highly recommend it. I believe it is E-Book only.

    Any fans of this series?