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  1. Carika Ambray

    Why did you pick your name?

    I wanted my surname to be the same as my RL sister, Kymo Ambray. Back then you had to get permission. Which I got. Tyla al'Mere chose my name for me.
  2. Carika Ambray

    bed time...

    bed time...
  3. Carika Ambray

    Why Did You Choose Your Avatar?

    I love yours as well!! It reminds me of Hermione Granger! :ok I LOVE the red hair!! Reminds me of Brave!
  4. Carika Ambray

    Why Did You Choose Your Avatar?

    This is my second avatar. I'm not quite sure what happened to my first one but I think I had been removed when a clean up was done way back when! I did LOVE it! Also way back when, wasn't there a picture list to choose from on the site? So this one, no idea where it came from but I fell in love...
  5. Carika Ambray

    Thank you!!

    Thank you!!
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  8. Carika Ambray

    Returning after Many Years

    Welcome back! :D I have also been away for a couple of years as well! Life gets in the way but for me I think it has also just been like I haven't felt like coming on here because then it kinda takes over everything!! :look :nono
  9. Carika Ambray

    Congratulations Novice Ahmyra!

    O well done dear! Welcome! :hug
  10. Carika Ambray

    Article: Wait, new Banner?

    I like it!
  11. Carika Ambray

    Congratulations, Accepted Leira!!

    Congratulations dear roomie!! So happy for you! :joy
  12. Carika Ambray

    Announcing a brilliant Mayor

    Congrats! Thanks to Aven Sedai for all her hard work! You will be missed!
  13. Carika Ambray


    Welcome! ;)
  14. Carika Ambray

    Hello To All

    Yay! Welcome! :D
  15. Carika Ambray

    Announcing a brilliant Mayor

  16. Carika Ambray

    It's been a looooong time

    Welcome back! Your puppy is the cutest thing!!
  17. Carika Ambray

    The new Mistress of Novices!

    Congratulations Nym Sedai!! :hug PS: Nym Sedai the 'Sedai of Soldiers' and Vendri Gaidin the 'Gaidin of Novices'........
  18. Carika Ambray

    Congratulations Deleios Gaidin!!

    Well done Del Gaidin!! :curtsey