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  1. Neria Hawke

    Congratulations, Accepted Dnae!!

    Congratulations Dnae :)
  2. Neria Hawke

    Official Avatar Change Thread

    Those are both great changes, Leo and Euriel Gaidin :) I love the Witcher games and Iorveth is one of my favourite characters ^^ The elves and the dwarves in that world are rather different from the stereotypical Tolkien way they're usually portrayed and I really like that. What's interesting...
  3. Neria Hawke

    Announcing our Online Activities Team Members Spring 2015!

    Welcome to OAT, ladies! Looking forward to working with you :D :joy
  4. Neria Hawke

    Anyone read Star Wars books?

    Exactly. Korriban is one of my favourite planets. Can we blame the Maker instead of thanking him? :p I always liked the way the video games and books tried to keep everything coherent and consistent whenever they used the same places or characters. If I remember correctly, the witches of...
  5. Neria Hawke

    Anyone read Star Wars books?

    I found it really silly to turn a warrior culture into a more Vulcan kind of culture, if I can put it that way. If I remember correctly, there were several pacifist cultures, including one which nearly got wiped out because of their beliefs during the Yuuzhan Vong war. Why not have a culture...
  6. Neria Hawke

    Anyone read Star Wars books?

    Ah, that makes sense. Yeah, I saw the movie when it came out on DVD. I remember thinking that the Genndy Tartakovsky micro series was so much better. I loved Shaak Ti. They kept trying to kill her and changing their minds. She died at the Jedi Temple in the Revenge of the Sith novelisation...
  7. Neria Hawke

    Anyone read Star Wars books?

    I have seen some of it and I would love to see the whole series because I've heard it had some good storylines and character arcs. It's more that the other Clone Wars material was virtually thrown away officially. That irritated me. I heard about what they did with Ahsoka in the end and that...
  8. Neria Hawke

    Anyone read Star Wars books?

    My sister and I were discussing this earlier today. I think for me it's perhaps more that once Disney acquired the franchise, they simply said "the EU doesn't exist anymore" and then went back on that a bit with the Legends universe. Star Wars has always been one, more or less cohesive universe...
  9. Neria Hawke

    Anyone read Star Wars books?

    All The Force Unleashed stories were supposedly canon back before Disney owned everything. That had potential but ultimately didn't turn out very well. The lack of cohesion and continuity to the EU has always been the biggest problem. The Yuuzhan Vong stories were probably one of the best...
  10. Neria Hawke

    Article: Feast of Lights 2014

    You can still sign up for the Card Exchange. It's open until the end of Friday :)
  11. Neria Hawke

    Back to vB4 General Help

    We'll be re-posting the Shaoman Awards in General soon, as well as the Holiday Card Exchange thread. We will also post up the Badge Exchange badges again :)
  12. Neria Hawke

    Congrats Mattrim on being raised to Soldier!

    Congratulations, Mattrim :)
  13. Neria Hawke

    Congratulations, Accepted Leira!!

    Congratulations, Leira! :D
  14. Neria Hawke

    Congratulations Syera Sedai!

    Congratulations, Syera Sedai! :D I am so happy for you :hug
  15. Neria Hawke

    Announcing a brilliant Mayor

    Congratulations, Zandera! :) Thank you again for all your hard work and effort, Aven Sedai :)
  16. Neria Hawke

    Announcing: our new Director of Community Outreach!

    Thank you again for all your hard work, Tree Sedai and congratulations, Aryawnah Sedai! :)
  17. Neria Hawke

    Article: Wait, new Banner?

    I like it :) It has a nice feel to it.
  18. Neria Hawke

    Congratulations Avery Sedai!

    Congratulations, Avery Sedai! :) :curtsey
  19. Neria Hawke

    Congratulations Jeem on Being Raised to Soldier!

    Congratulations, Jeem :)
  20. Neria Hawke

    Congratulations Deleios Gaidin!!

    Congratulations, Deleios Gaidin :)