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  1. Xylianna Paladina

    LGBTQ+ Books

    Have read all of these except Victories Greater Than Death (which is on my kindle!!) and seconding the recs! Have read Light From Uncommon Stars and seconding the rec! Becky Chambers is an instabuy author for me. Wayfarers is great fun! Her standalone To Be Taught, If Fortunate is also queer...
  2. Xylianna Paladina

    Hoping to come home ...... Hoping someone remembers .....

    I remember you, welcome back!!
  3. Xylianna Paladina

    Announcing the Raising of Reianna Sedai to the Green Ajah

    Welcome home, Sister :green:grouphug
  4. Xylianna Paladina

    Eternal Bonds

    <3 <3 <3
  5. Xylianna Paladina

    Announcing "The Illuminator" ( Formally MoTW Infrastructure)

    Thanks for your continued service!
  6. Xylianna Paladina

    New Head of the Green Ajah

    Congrats Tree, and thanks Fae!
  7. Xylianna Paladina

    Congratulations, Game Masters!

    Thanks for your service!
  8. Xylianna Paladina

    S1E7 “The Dark Along the Ways” —w/Book Spoilers

    ahhhhhh such a good episode!!!