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  1. Alyria Ess

    March '24 — Multiple Sclerosis Awareness

    Thank you both! While not recognized as a genetic disease, the following in my family have had the diagnosis on my mother's maternal side: Great grandmother (and her brother, who passed from it in his 20s.) Grandmother Great aunt Two of my mother's first cousins (women) Aunt Cousin (woman) I...
  2. Alyria Ess

    Making a comeback

    Oh hey congratulations! I'm glad you found your way back to us :)
  3. Alyria Ess

    Discussion Topic: Sharing Domestic Violence Survivor Stories

    Whew, I really didn't think this would be so hard for me to write, so I'm not going into details. From October of last year to May of this year, I was under the influence of a clinically diagnosed narcissist of the highest order. He moved into my house and would not leave, it wasn't until August...
  4. Alyria Ess

    Congratulations to Alexstrasz and Raam!

    Best buds for life!
  5. Alyria Ess

    Congrats to our new Head of White!

    Congratulations Aduiavas <3
  6. Alyria Ess

    Membership Manual Change: Age Requirements Revised

    If you have an idea, throw it out there. I've rolled it around my brain for years and years and haven't come up with a solution. It's been looked at from all sides, and uniquely the side of many of our "ancient" members who were teens themselves when they first joined however many moons ago.
  7. Alyria Ess

    Membership Manual Change: Age Requirements Revised

    Furthermore, the type of moderation that used to be present in this forum is no more. We're all pretty much flying free, bound by honour and the bylaws. Going to put my Liability Sedai hat on, but there is no real way for us to manage our spaces to ensure they are entirely safe for minors, and...
  8. Alyria Ess

    2023 Membership Survey: Raffle and Group Prizes! (and a teaser...)

    And this is why I think Mediation works best as a preventative measure - not one of you wants to sit face to face with me and talk about your feelings :laugh: (but also we are here to talk too, text communication is still fine!)
  9. Alyria Ess

    Discord Changes - Logging & Bot Integration

    When the human/cyborg wars begin, I'll be looking at you! I use this bot in one of my channels, too. She's good people.
  10. Alyria Ess

    September: Natural Disasters - How can we help?

    A little late here, but I was somewhat directly affected by the fires in Nova Scotia (as in the burn perimeter came within a km of my house.) Gratefully and somewhat miraculously, my family suffered little damage and we all kept our homes. I ended up with a gross fridge from power loss and I...
  11. Alyria Ess


    Hey welcome! Glad you've found us. What other languages interest you?
  12. Alyria Ess

    Wasn't sure I'd ever walk these halls again...

    Hey there welcome back :)
  13. Alyria Ess

    Hello hello!

    Welcome, glad you found us :)
  14. Alyria Ess

    Welcome to the Ring, Laurien!

  15. Alyria Ess

    [Closed] Hiring: Reports Manager (7/22-8/5)

    All the power to you :laugh:
  16. Alyria Ess

    [Closed] Hiring: Reports Manager (7/22-8/5)

    *runs screaming from this position* Organization is gross and paperwork is gross.
  17. Alyria Ess

    Welcome to the Ring, Viktara!

    oh cool congratulations!
  18. Alyria Ess

    Congratulations Delara Sedai

    Congratulations Delara!
  19. Alyria Ess

    Alexr al'Petros - You have been summoned!

    Yay congratulations :)