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    Announcing the new Headteachers

    For what its worth, I think @Hilwa Katir has us both beat. Congrats Dovi!! 💚💚💚 And,
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    Congratulations Jocasta and Thaddius!

    As I am just seeing this... Lovely news to start the week! Congratulations!
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    New Membership Nomenclature!

    I am pretty sure there is a common understanding that we are a drinking club with a book problem, but... I could be mistaken. :turtle:
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    [Closed] Hiring: Moderators and Operators

    We are now hiring for the Spring Rotation for Moderators and Operators! This team is under the jurisdiction of the Cordamora and reports to the Head Moderator. The term is for 6 months and will start June 1, 2023 and run through Nov 30, 2024. This is a Staff position and earns time towards the...
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    Congratulations to our new Tar Valon Times Editor!

    Wonderful news!! Congratulations
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    New Membership Nomenclature!

    @Ilverin Matriam - tie him down and put him to work!
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    New Membership Nomenclature!

    Greetings! I come with big exciting news!!! As you may have seen in the Executive Meeting Discussion forum we have taken another big step and I am excited to share it with everyone. As with the creation of the Community Council we as an administration believe that it is important all members...
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    Congrats to Dovienya and Alexr!

    Shocked!! Congratulations to you both!
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    Lian Crescent - You have been summoned!

    Congratulations Lian and welcome to the Tower!!! Now, to find some chores....
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    Congrats to Polegnyn and Alexr!

    Many congratulations!!!
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    Congrats, Alexr, Gaidin of MDD!

    😑 Well, someone had to take him.
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    :laugh: Whose team are you on!?

    :laugh: Whose team are you on!?
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    Eat Birdsh*t Haters!!! #Beltine2023

    Eat Birdsh*t Haters!!! #Beltine2023
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    Head of Red

    Congratulations Siu!! :red1:
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    AI generated avatars

    Okay, because AI generally mixes things up from the start it is impossible to identify the source material and because as an avatar it will not be used for commercial purposes we should be fine to accept AI generated avatars. This was an excellent question @Dnae Ila! +10 points to Slytherin! 🐍
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    AI generated avatars

    I don't have an answer just yet but this is an excellent question I am going to take to some folks who are smarter than me (and I hate them for it) to see if I can get you a definitive answer. Thanks for bringing this up!
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    [Open] The Online Events Team is hiring

    Send in an app and make it official!
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    [Open] The Online Events Team is hiring

    :yay: Fun and shenanigans are to be had!!!
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    New Assistant to the Director of Research and Records

    Oh good, another reason to tie a rope around him. :D Congrats Zoul!