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  1. Laurien Achaur

    June '24 - Pet Health & Nutrition

    Cats: Nutrition & Health for Our Feline Friends For as long as we’ve had agriculture, we’ve had cats in our midst. They began as loyal mousers and bug-hunters, and as many people know, they were revered in ancient Egypt. For centuries they’ve been welcome guests on ships to help keep vermin...
  2. Laurien Achaur

    June '24 - Pet Health & Nutrition

    Dogs: Nutrition & Health for Our Canine Companions Dogs have been our loyal friends and guardians for thousands of years, even beyond the establishment of settled civilization. As stated in the previous post, popular theory posits that they’ve essentially been living off our table scraps for...
  3. Laurien Achaur

    June '24 - Pet Health & Nutrition

    Aww, poor buddy! I’m sorry he’s dealing with that long-term. 🙁 But yes, those two brands I’ve mentioned are definitely worthwhile. Weruva’s low-phos wet food goes by Wx (looks like the prescription Rx symbol). I hope you’re able to get hold of some!
  4. Laurien Achaur

    June '24 - Pet Health & Nutrition

    Hey Leira! A couple of things here: urinary prescription foods don't actually have "medicine" in them to treat or prevent urinary tract issues. What they do have is a lower phosphorous content than most other foods, which is what makes them prescription. They're also not meant to be eaten...
  5. Laurien Achaur

    June '24 - Pet Health & Nutrition

    This month, the SOA Team is taking a look at how to help our dogs and cats live their best lives with a focus on pet health and nutrition! Laurien Achaur of the Yellow Ajah has a lot of info to share, so grab your favorite drink, have a sit, and prepare for a bit of reading - all for the love of...
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    Hi, I'm Bryce!

    Hello and welcome, Bryce!
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    An Introduction

    Hello and welcome to Tar Valon, Freagar!
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    Hello everyone

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    Congratulations to our new Head of Gray!

    Congratulations Jahily!
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    Congratulations to the new Head of Yellow!

    Yaaaay Anika! 💛💛💛
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    Visitor to the Tower

    Welcome, Manos!
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  15. Laurien Achaur

    December '23 - Your Cause is Our Cause

    There are couple of causes that are equally important to me right now. One is pet health and nutrition, which I learned to be passionate about through my current job. While I'm now looking to change jobs due to poor management, I will never stop helping people figure out what changes they can...
  16. Laurien Achaur

    Congratulations, Catt Sedai!

    Congratulations, Catt!