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  1. Vivianna L'antreau

    21st Anni Logo Merch!

    We will not have any stock on hand - anything people want they'll need to order for themselves!
  2. Vivianna L'antreau

    21st Anni Logo Merch!

    We have links to shirts, beer glasses, notebooks, mugs! All with the amazing logo by the graphics development team :D You can purchase in 2 different currencies: Zazzle UK with GBP Zazzle US with USD Everything looks absolutely amazing so go order a tshirt and wear it in TN!
  3. Vivianna L'antreau

    Looking for bids - Anni 2023!

    I am so excited to announce we are now ready to accept bids for the 22nd Anniversary Party of TarValon.Net in 2023! If you are tired of trekking across the continent when there’s a wonderful place for our event right in your own backyard, this post is for you. To place a bid, we’re asking that...
  4. Vivianna L'antreau

    Hiring: Mistress of Revels - North America

    Please please please come work with me! :D
  5. Vivianna L'antreau

    Who still wants to come to Anni??? *raises hand*

    This offer closes at 5pm MST on Wednesday the 21st! Speak now! Or miss out on all of the cozy shenanigans! :cry2:
  6. Vivianna L'antreau

    Who still wants to come to Anni??? *raises hand*

    3 more people registered and paid today and are now coming to Anni in November! Are you coming too????? :D
  7. Vivianna L'antreau

    Who still wants to come to Anni??? *raises hand*

    2 months from today we will officially be at Anni! :D As of right now, I have 10 cabins reserved but 10 days from now I need to release the ones we're not going to use. SO! If you have been thinking about attending the event, and can register and pay in full then come on down! We're a fun...
  8. Vivianna L'antreau

    Anni 2022 Payment deadline fast approaching!!!

    you're number 34 on the paid in full list in this thread: in the Anni party forum, Hilwa.
  9. Vivianna L'antreau

    [Closed] HIRING: Mistress of Revels - North America

    This job has been absolutely amazing! If anyone has questions, please feel free to poke me about it!
  10. Vivianna L'antreau

    Announcement of the next Amyrlin Seat!

    Congratulations!! The application and interview process was involved and definitely not easy, and I was so impressed by the people who volunteered to step up and lead our Community. I'm so excited for our future! :D
  11. Vivianna L'antreau

    Hello the tower

    Welcome back, Kallarn! Good to see you!
  12. Vivianna L'antreau

    Anni 2022!

    :D :look
  13. Vivianna L'antreau

    Anni 2022!

    *points to Erin* what she said! We have lured many a significant other to join us due to events :P
  14. Vivianna L'antreau

    Anni 2022!

    I'm so glad people are excited!!! This has been so long coming! :D It's gonna be amazing, y'all! :grouphug :joy
  15. Vivianna L'antreau

    Anni 2022!

    FYI! Just to remind everyone that since Anni isn't until November...don't expect registration until end of April early may (I try to shoot for approx 6 months out). My intention is to have a final ticket price out late March/early April and you can expect the planning forum for general...
  16. Vivianna L'antreau

    Anni 2022!

    We're hoping to have them cater our dinners! :D It turned out so nice!