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  1. Lauraine al'Thone

    Congratulations to our new Director of Membership!

    Thank you Loraella!! And Congrats Roh 💚
  2. Lauraine al'Thone

    2022 Robert Jordan Memorial Scholarship Recipients!

    Congrats to both! I enjoyed reading your essays 💚
  3. Lauraine al'Thone

    Congratulations Tyeslan Al'Monhan, Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah

    So happy you finally found your way :joy :joy Nothing but love for you! Welcome home :green
  4. Lauraine al'Thone

    Announcement of the next Amyrlin Seat!

    I love this :joy :joy :joy Congrats Cassie!
  5. Lauraine al'Thone

    Eternal Bonds

  6. Lauraine al'Thone

    Congratulations to our new Outreach Activities Coordinator!

    :green :joy:joy:joy Congrats Fae!! You will be awesome!
  7. Lauraine al'Thone

    New Head of the Green Ajah

    Thank you Fae for everything you’ve done for us <3 Congrats Tree! The Ajah is in good hands moving forward :joy
  8. Lauraine al'Thone

    Ahmyra al'Ruley, Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah

    Welcome Home lovely! :green
  9. Lauraine al'Thone

    …But it was *an* ending…

    Thank you for all that you’ve done <3
  10. Lauraine al'Thone

    Congratulations Jasin Bashar of San D'Ma Shadar!

    :joy :joy :joy Congrats!!!
  11. Lauraine al'Thone

    Resignation of the Keeper of the Chronicles

    Thank you for everything Meiri <3 Sending love your way!
  12. Lauraine al'Thone

    Message from the Board of Directors

    Thank you both for all your time and energy! :hug
  13. Lauraine al'Thone

    Alyria Ess and Calen Valervron

    Congrats!! :joy
  14. Lauraine al'Thone

    New Procedure for Bond Dissolutions

    Another great change!
  15. Lauraine al'Thone

    New Procedure for Leaving a Senior Member Group

    This change is so overwhelmingly overdo! I think it will generally be a very positive thing for a lot of senior members who are no longer fitting in with their usergroups but are also scared to leave due to fears of losing their bonds, jobs etc.
  16. Lauraine al'Thone

    Stephen Lightheart and Elanda Tonil

    Congrats Stephen!!!! ^^ My condolences to Elanda ;) :trout & :hug
  17. Lauraine al'Thone

    Jadira Paerael and Sela Narian

    Congrats!!! :joy