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  1. Cassie Dainar

    Another Introduction

    Welcome to Tar Valon!
  2. Cassie Dainar

    Congratulations to our new Events Historian!

    Congratulations Grond!
  3. Cassie Dainar

    Congrats to Atane and Ahmyra!

  4. Cassie Dainar

    Congrats Fenya and Zaknafein!

  5. Cassie Dainar

    No Duplicate First Names Rule

    I haven’t gotten in touch with Roh yet, but Tree and I are in agreement that this is a reasonable exception to make. @Leala ni al'Dareis t'al'Caleum if this is just paperwork on your end, please go ahead with Bryce. If it’s something else let me know. I’ll bring this up in exec to determine...
  6. Cassie Dainar

    No Duplicate First Names Rule

    I believe this rule and the “no book names” rule both exist for similar reasons. So we don’t end up with 15 Elaynes and 25 Perrins. There are exceptions to the book name rule after some members won the prize of getting their names in the later books, and one for Rand al’Ren whose real name was...
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    Welcome to Tar Valon!
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    Magnus Al'Riaha, you have been summoned!

    Welcome to the Tower!
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    Hi there!

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    Hello from New Member

    Welcome to Tar Valon!
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    Congrats to our new Wansho!!

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    Congrats to our new Discord Gatekeepers!

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    Official Avatar and Name Change Thread

    Changing my face for the first time in decades. Old: New:
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    Welcome to the Ring, Accepted Phen!

  15. Cassie Dainar

    Congratulations Delara Sedai!

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    Welcome to Tar Valon!
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    Congratulations to Zaknafein and Lealenya!

    Congratulations! <3
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    New Visitor

    Welcome to Tar Valon!
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    I see you. Hello

    Welcome to Tar Valon!