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  1. Amarande al'Kalin

    Congrats to our new Shatayan/CFO!!!

    Grats Owena! :)
  2. Amarande al'Kalin

    Head of Blue

    Grats Nym!
  3. Amarande al'Kalin

    Dark Style is now available!

    LOL ... yeah, please don't be my FC lead in FFXIV who is why I'm stuck using light mode in Discord because the colors they picked for most of the roles contrast against dark grey to such awful levels of absolute terrible that I'm pretty sure I had last seen as a child of eight on my Commodore 64...
  4. Amarande al'Kalin

    Reintroduction after many moons away

    Welcome back ... or perhaps welcome? I've been around a long time but I don't know if I ever saw you around (it would've been IRC, in those days). Glad to have you here anyway and hope you stick around till you can hardly ever remember how you lived life without the Wheel in it :)
  5. Amarande al'Kalin

    How did you first find up about wot?

    I was on a family summer vacation in Maine one year during my early teens and found The Fires of Heaven on sale for I think it was something like three or four bucks. Hardcover. Complete with the dust jacket that misspells Elaida's name, in fact (do the later print hardcover dust jackets still...
  6. Amarande al'Kalin

    Hard to click links on Desktop Brave browser

    Yep, I was noticing the same behavior on Edge (which is also Chromium based - isn't everything on desktop at this point besides Firefox?). I'd actually considered starting a thread but then thought, eh, maybe I'm just using the uncool browser or something (I mean, why install Chrome on Windows...
  7. Amarande al'Kalin

    Missing forums/things don't show up right?

    Soooo, it's been a while, and I happened by the forums tonight and I'm noticing some oddities. ... my profile rank shows as a plain white "Current Events something or other" and I don't see my Company forum anymore? Did some kind of bug happen? (I'm actually noticing quite a number of folks on...
  8. Amarande al'Kalin

    MCA voting oopen

    The vote is cast. :D
  9. Amarande al'Kalin

    October Merits

    Congrats everyone :) BTW, did the July merits get added to the library? I could swear I should have a second Staff Gold by now and seem to recall reading it posted, but now that I think of it I also recall the July merits post got put up during Void Week so it may have got forgot about :(
  10. Amarande al'Kalin

    thanks for letting me back on.

    Welcome back Miridy :D
  11. Amarande al'Kalin

    Executive Meeting Notes

    More to the point, there's HexChat these days, which I feel pretty much supplants mIRC altogether for practical purposes. The look and feel are similar - if you're used to mIRC, you'll take to HexChat pretty easily, with about the only real differences in the experience being the configuration...
  12. Amarande al'Kalin

    Congratulations Izabella Sedai!

    Congrats Iza! :)
  13. Amarande al'Kalin

    Name change and marriage announcement

    Thank you everyone! :)
  14. Amarande al'Kalin

    Hiring: Online Activities Coordinator

    It's been a good three years. The job is fun, so go for it! Good luck to my successor :)
  15. Amarande al'Kalin

    Hello again.

    Welcome back Ana :)