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  1. Chaelca Trevelyan

    Congratulations, Accepted Eliza!

    Congrats !!!!! :)
  2. Chaelca Trevelyan

    Introducing My Self

    Hey Kirnbie ! How are you doing? Welcome to TV :D (now where would you hide a Silver Medallion if you had one?)
  3. Chaelca Trevelyan

    Congratulations Sarramy Sedai!

    Congratulations, Sarramy !
  4. Chaelca Trevelyan

    Hi there!

    Welcome to Tar Valon!!! I hope you'll have a great time with us. (who do we have to contact to get all these stories? I am not sure I know them all XD)
  5. Chaelca Trevelyan

    At last the Wheel has Woven me here

    Welcome to TV !
  6. Chaelca Trevelyan

    I’m new, also a scrub.

    Welcome to TV ! Sounds like an awesome career plan O.O Psychology could come in handy.. .aren't we all a bit crazy, after all ? :lol
  7. Chaelca Trevelyan

    Nice to meet you in advance

    Welcome to TV :)
  8. Chaelca Trevelyan

    Congratulations, Novice Adanys!

    Congrats !!!
  9. Chaelca Trevelyan

    Hi there, I'm new

    For a French-Talking person like me, Adam is still a pretty cool name :lol We don't have that many Adams here ^^ Welcome to Tar Valon ! Don't hesitate to ask us any question you may have :)
  10. Chaelca Trevelyan

    Aria Kakarot and Raam Sho'am

    Congrats to the both of you !!!
  11. Chaelca Trevelyan

    October Merits

    Congratulations to all of you !!!!
  12. Chaelca Trevelyan

    Congratulations, Accepted Fern!

    Grats Fern !!!! :hugs
  13. Chaelca Trevelyan

    Official Avatar Change Thread

    Awesome choices guys ! I love your new avvies (especially Ninya's <3)
  14. Chaelca Trevelyan

    Announcing Euro Party 2018!

    :grouphug Can't wait to be there with you all :D
  15. Chaelca Trevelyan

    Announcing Euro Party 2018!

    This sounds like an awesome place! I am sooo in :D
  16. Chaelca Trevelyan

    New Mistress of Novices and Recruits!!

    *tacklehugs* Congratulations, Nia !!!!! <3
  17. Chaelca Trevelyan

    Congratulations Accepted Teslyri, Raised Live at B&I!

    Congratulations again!!! :hug
  18. Chaelca Trevelyan

    Congratulations Syera Sedai, raised live at B&I!

    Congratulations again :hug !!!
  19. Chaelca Trevelyan

    Congratulations, Novice Mewl!

    Welcome to the Tower ! Congratulations Mewl ! :D
  20. Chaelca Trevelyan

    Greetings from the Black Tower.

    Welcome to TV ! Very eager to know what kind of video game you like lol I am a gamer myself ^^