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  1. Cahr Ystian

    Congratulations to a new Yellow Head of Ajah!

    Congrats, Sarramy Sedai :clap
  2. Cahr Ystian

    Announcing Euro Party 2020 location.

    I hope I can make it :D.
  3. Cahr Ystian

    Hi, I'm New

    Welcome :)
  4. Cahr Ystian

    Hello again!

    Welcome back :)
  5. Cahr Ystian

    Congratulations to a new Mayor!!

  6. Cahr Ystian

    Zashara Sho'am and Deoan Kakarot!

  7. Cahr Ystian

    Congratulations Soldier Grond!

    Congratulations, Grond :clap
  8. Cahr Ystian

    Hiring: Headteacher

    Thank you, Charis :hug
  9. Cahr Ystian


    Welcome, Tim :)
  10. Cahr Ystian

    April Merits Part 1

    Congrats, all :clap
  11. Cahr Ystian

    Congratulations Accepted Alenya!

    Congrats, Alenya :clap
  12. Cahr Ystian

    Announcement on behalf of the Board of Directors

    Congratulations, Melisande Sedai :D
  13. Cahr Ystian

    Returning after a long absence

    Thank you, Nynyra :hug
  14. Cahr Ystian

    Returning after a long absence

    @Fern Al'Thorn @Lyara Tieran @Ashara Koh'inor Thank you all :D
  15. Cahr Ystian

    Welcome Jarl Sedai raised live

    Congratulations Jarl Sedai :clap
  16. Cahr Ystian

    A Word from the Board

    Thank you, Dralyn
  17. Cahr Ystian

    Eren al'Velle!

    Congrats Eren :clap
  18. Cahr Ystian

    Ahem, well....

    Welcome back Keisha Sedai :)