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  1. Rhed al'Tere

    Volunteer Positions and Required Rank?

    In the past, Archivist (CRO) and DoT had access to all the forums, so having them be TS made sense. Additionally, since Archivist is part of our C-suite, them being TS means they’re very familiar with the community.
  2. Rhed al'Tere

    A well-turned calf

    He could be poking fun at the idea that colonial America was obsessed with calves? Even if that’s a myth. (Good article here: https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/colonial-calves-men-fashion-myth)
  3. Rhed al'Tere

    [Closed] Hiring Head of Brown: Applications Due January 9, 2024

    Thank you Tallan! And not it. 😛
  4. Rhed al'Tere

    Coming Home

    We want her to stick around! :lol Welcome back! I recognize your name! I used to be Adriana 20 years ago.
  5. Rhed al'Tere

    Membership Manual Change: Age Requirements Revised

    This is what’s happening? The parent or guardian has to be a member and give permission for the minor.
  6. Rhed al'Tere

    Membership Manual Change: Age Requirements Revised

    Pardon my implication of there only being male creeps and not including female creeps. I was pulling from my own past experience as well as experience here. Point still holds.
  7. Rhed al'Tere

    Membership Manual Change: Age Requirements Revised

    I fully support this update. Thank you. Another issue to consider when looking at the bigger picture is that we don’t always know what’s happening. There can be inappropriate actions taking place but if the person who’s the target of those actions doesn’t report, administration cannot act. And...
  8. Rhed al'Tere

    Congrats to Kitan and Nethanel!

    Congrats!!! So happy for you both. :D
  9. Rhed al'Tere

    Congrats to Polegnyn and Alexr!

    Hooray, congrats!!
  10. Rhed al'Tere

    Posting from Jordancon, Glad to be Here

    Welcome! Be sure to come to the toast tomorrow!
  11. Rhed al'Tere

    [Closed] Hiring: Conference Coordinator

    Happy to answer any questions for folks! PM or hit me up on discord.
  12. Rhed al'Tere

    December – Simply COEXIST

    Hmmmm. You’re being sarcastic, but it is a form of trauma to have your religion swept away by the tide of a dominant one. Lawmakers calling for laws to follow a holy book you don’t believe in. A dominant religion shoved down your throat for weeks at a time. Micro- and macroaggressions...
  13. Rhed al'Tere

    Main issues?

    My thoughts on Lan: the funeral scene was a chance to really contrast his usual stoic nature. That one place was where he could let out his grief while remaining stoic elsewhere.
  14. Rhed al'Tere

    Hello Everyone!

    Jase! Hello! I am also a coffee-loving crafter. :D
  15. Rhed al'Tere

    Hiring: Mistress of Revels - North America

    I have some of it. It’s a footlocker of stuff.
  16. Rhed al'Tere

    Making an Account

    Awesome update! Thanks y’all!
  17. Rhed al'Tere

    Making an Account

    If I was a new member and wanted to sign up and immediately had to read an enormous membership manual, I wouldn’t. Especially if I just wanted to scope the place out to see if it was a fit for me.