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  1. Imzadi Hopewind

    2023 Membership Survey!

    Done :shifty2:
  2. Imzadi Hopewind

    Welcome Melorea Sedai

    Welcome home Sister ^^ :dance: :hug
  3. Imzadi Hopewind

    Introducing our new Assistant Social Media Manager!

    Congrats Merena! :joy: :gray1:
  4. Imzadi Hopewind

    Congratulations Jocasta and Thaddius!

    Congrats! :joy:
  5. Imzadi Hopewind

    Congratulations Megana and Thaddius!

    Congrats you two!! ^^
  6. Imzadi Hopewind

    Congratulations, Thaddius Gaidin!

    Congrats Thad!! :joy:
  7. Imzadi Hopewind

    TarValon.Net Patreon

    Signed up! And how do you know that it is me? My e-mailadress is not the same one I use here :shifty2:
  8. Imzadi Hopewind

    When do you think season 2 will premiere?

    September 1st. Here's the link.
  9. Imzadi Hopewind


    Cool, where did you see that?
  10. Imzadi Hopewind

    January 23 merits

    Congrats all! :joy:
  11. Imzadi Hopewind

    Eileanora Donohoei - You have been summoned!

    Welcome to the Tower :joy:
  12. Imzadi Hopewind

    Congrats Raeviendha, Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah!

    About time! Welcome home dear ^^
  13. Imzadi Hopewind

    Introducing the new Cordamora!

    Congrats Tree :joy:
  14. Imzadi Hopewind

    Analiese Sinclaer & Nebka Galyn!!!

    :joy: Congrats you two!
  15. Imzadi Hopewind

    Oct 2022 Merits

    Congrats all! :joy:
  16. Imzadi Hopewind

    MCA 2020 nominations

    We haven't left 2020 apparently... :shifty2: :giggle
  17. Imzadi Hopewind

    Maiden Hand Talk

    It may be, but we won't know until it's live ^^
  18. Imzadi Hopewind

    Maiden Hand Talk

    And will they base Maiden Talk on ASL or something very different? :cheese But can't wait to see it... Hope in S2. ^^
  19. Imzadi Hopewind

    Congratulations Delara Sedai

    Congrats Delara!