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  1. Alexandra Sedai

    Head of Blue

  2. Alexandra Sedai

    Happy birthday!:clap2:

    Happy birthday!:clap2:
  3. Alexandra Sedai

    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!
  4. Alexandra Sedai

    What Ajah Does Your Wardrobe Place You?

    Blue or white. How come almost no one wears white?
  5. Alexandra Sedai

    How did you first find up about wot?

    My mom and aunt had both read it, but neither actually loved it. I heard them and grew interested and read NS when I was ten. After that, I read all the others and really loved them.
  6. Alexandra Sedai

    Favorite Lines from the books - Spoilers

    One of my favorites is - " You can never know everything and part of what you know is always wrong, perhaps even the most important part. A portion of wisdom lies in knowing that and a portion of courage lies in going on anyway."
  7. Alexandra Sedai

    VERY first impressions of WoT

    I actually first read New Spring(by mistake). I managed to understand what was going on in the series and why, so when I read the Eye of the world it was better than it would have been. I can't say that at the time I thought of either one as very interesting, but I got to know and love some of...