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  1. Soronhen Ciryaher

    Congratulations, Rhyin al'Hut Gaidin of Val'Cueran!

    Rhyin! Congrats my friend!
  2. Soronhen Ciryaher

    Congratulations to the new Company Commander of SDS!

    Thanks Brothers. Much love..
  3. Soronhen Ciryaher

    Congratulations Laurien Sedai!

    Congratulations again dear!
  4. Soronhen Ciryaher

    Congrats to Dovienya and Ty!

    Congratulations again you two!
  5. Soronhen Ciryaher

    Congratulations, Brandon Gaidin!

    Congratulations! :sds1:
  6. Soronhen Ciryaher

    [Open] Hiring for Shatayan/Chief Financial Officer for TarValon.Net

    Thanks Cahalan, you've been terrific!
  7. Soronhen Ciryaher

    [Closed] Hiring: Master/Mistress of Revels - North America

    Don't be afraid to apply folks, I know this job can seem intimidating. But it can be very rewarding, and there is no better way to find yourself immersed in our community.
  8. Soronhen Ciryaher

    We have a new Conference Coordinator!!!

    Congratulations Fenya, welcome aboard!
  9. Soronhen Ciryaher

    Message from the Board

    Dang. Much love yo!
  10. Soronhen Ciryaher

    I come from the land down under.

    Welcome Silas!
  11. Soronhen Ciryaher

    Anni Registration is OPEN!!!

    Yes, thanks Ahmyra! Deposits are due Friday, June 30th. Registration will remain open until Friday, August 11th. But if you register after June 30th, you'll have to pay your ticket in full when you register. We're sitting at 29 of 42 available spots filled, so get registered if you're...
  12. Soronhen Ciryaher

    Congratulations, Thaddius Gaidin!

    Congrats Thad!
  13. Soronhen Ciryaher


  14. Soronhen Ciryaher

    Congratulations Veluene Sedai

  15. Soronhen Ciryaher

    Congrats to Kitan and Nethanel!

  16. Soronhen Ciryaher

    Spring Fling Fund Raiser

    I'm going to go ahead and close this, we raised $300 for the Buddy Fund. Thank you to everyone who donated at the event and online! :)
  17. Soronhen Ciryaher

    Spring Fling Fund Raiser

    We'll let this run through Friday in case people want to make a late contribution. Thank you to everyone who donated at the event & online.
  18. Soronhen Ciryaher

    Congrats to Dovienya and Alexr!

    Congrats you two!