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    Welcome to the Ring, Accepted Phen!

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    Congratulations Delara Sedai!

  3. Arella Mathara

    I really appreciate that RJ makes a point to name and keep up with horses

    Agreed! It's also really handy to have a bunch of horse names to use when playing a game where you can name your horse :laugh:
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    Welcome back!

    Welcome back!
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    New Visitor

    Welcome! I love the Red Riding series but haven't read Lightbringer yet :D Avatars can definitely be difficult. I was actually the one who wrote that list of resources. Feel free to reach out if you need a hand ^^
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    May '24 - Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Awareness

    Jessica Kellgren-Fozard is a LGBTQ+ and disability activist with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. She makes a lot of informative videos, mostly on LGBTQ+ topics and history as well as fashion history, but she does talk a lot about her various diagnosis as well. She's definitely worth a follow...
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    I see you. Hello

    Welcome to Tar Valon! ^^
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    Awards, and an Announcement-

    Congratulations everyone! And yay! :brown1::brown2:
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    I hope you don't think I'm too hasty,

    Welcome, hasty one!
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    Hi, I'm Bryce!

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    Why hello there!

    Welcome back! :joy:
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    Welcome! :joy:
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    Congratulations, Fenya al'Caem Sedai of the Gray Ajah!

    Congratulations, Fenya, so happy for you :hug
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    Congratulations, Dianna Melear Sedai of the Green Ajah!

    Congratulations, Dianna! :joy:
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    Well met

    Welcome to Tar Valon!
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    An Intro Post

    Welcome to Tar Valon!
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    Hello to all

    Welcome :joy:
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    Mother’s Milk in a cup!

    Welcome ^^