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    Oh hi!

    Well Welcome Me!!! As you put it I am You!!!!!!! Welcome Back!!!!!
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    Why hello there.

    Hello Rohanderin!!! Welcome to TarValon. I am Nimmwaee. I hope you like it here
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    Welcome To TarValon!!!!!!!
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    Congratulations Keladria Sedai!

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    Hello from Singapore!

    Welcome to TarValon! I hope you enjoy the site!
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    Another new fan here

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    Greeting TarValon!

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    Like a Boomerang!

    Welcome Back!
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    Congratulations new Department of Administration staff!

    Congratulations!!!!!! :joy:joy:joy:joy:joy:joy:joy:joy:whee
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    Congratulations Addelyn Sedai!

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    Announcing the new Director of Membership!

    Congratulations! That is a wonderful achievement!
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    Helllo everyone!

    Welcome to TarValon from a fellow Newbie!!!! I hope you like it. Its awesome here!
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    Hi folks

    Welcome back to Tarvalon!
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    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to TarValon! The site certainly is amazing. Everyone is great so I hope you enjoy it!
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    Hello My name is Nimmwaee!

    Yes i am one f Lyara's! :) and they do take up a lot of time. All books do! :)
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    Hello My name is Nimmwaee!

    Thank you all for the warm welcome onto the site! I really like the people here!
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    Helllo everyone!

    You'll have a great time here! Everyone is awesome and cool! Hope you like it. Welcome to TarValon!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The Wheel spun me into the Pattern again

    Welcome back! I hope you enjoy it! :)
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    Welcome to TarValon! I hope you enjoy it here. It seems like you will fit in just dandy! :giggle