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    Congrats to Katherine and Alenya!

    Congratulations to you both 💛
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    Hi, I'm Bryce!

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    Welcome Ryan :)
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    Welcome to the Ring, Accepted Elleria!

    Welcome & congratulations Elleria. 💛
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    Welcome to the Ring, Accepted Ruslan!

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    Congratulations to the new Head of Brown!

    Yay!! Congrats Arella :hug
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    Amazing! Love!

    Amazing! Love!
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    Congrats to our new MoAS!

    Congrats Viktara! :joy:
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    Ruslan Rynar, you have been summoned!

    Congrats!! :clap2:
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    Welcome Ivy!
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    Discussion Topic: Sharing Domestic Violence Survivor Stories

    Thank you all for your willingness and courage to share your stories. My heart goes out to all of you. 💛
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    Membership Manual Change: Age Requirements Revised

    I came here as I had the same question as Seryse of why the discord was PG-13 and I am glad to hear that is looking to be reviewed because some of the topics that can come into our DnD games are certainly not that and the occasional swear word will fly from my mouth in voice chat. In addtion...
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    Official Avatar and Name Change Thread

    Oooh thats so pretty Dovienya! I love it. 😍
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    Welcome to the Ring, Accepted Fenya!

    Wooo congrats!!
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    Favorite Lines from the Show

    Oh So many! "Every woman's fears are her own property. Do not burden us with them." - Lindarin (snap. I want to say this next time someone is being an emotional vampire) "If something is upsetting you, or making you afraid, you ask yourself one simple question. Is it true? Can you know...
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    Amylia Lerato, you have been summoned!

    Congrats and welcome :)
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    Congrats to our new Head of White!

    Wonderful news, congrats Aduiavas!