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  1. Aleita Taviah

    Hiring: Social Media Team

    Our Social Media Team is a very fun and very busy place to work! As such the Social Media Manager @Siera al’Cere is looking for some experienced and fun loving individuals with a passion for social media. Duties and Responsibilities Engaging through social media such as Facebook, Instagram...
  2. Aleita Taviah

    Hiring: Tar Valon Times Staff & Assistant Editor

    Tar Valon Times Staff :reading We are looking for new (and/or old) writers and artists to join our team! Tar Valon Times Staff are responsible for the creation of original content to be published on the Tar Valon Times Blog. Whether you are a writer and/or artist, we have a place for you! TVT...
  3. Aleita Taviah

    Congratulations to our new Marketing Project Manager!

    Please join me in welcoming and congratulating @Polegnyn Nemeara, our new Marketing Project Manager! Nem has been an absolute rockstar in the Graphics Development Team and is already taking our merchandise options to new heights (check out our zazzle store). I can't wait to see what you do in...
  4. Aleita Taviah

    Welcome to the Ring - Arinna Katal!

    Warmest congratulations!! So proud ^^
  5. Aleita Taviah

    Rhianna Solstice and Pip al'Dealys

  6. Aleita Taviah

    Congratulations to Our New City Council!

    Congratulations and thank you all!
  7. Aleita Taviah

    Allow myself to introduce.. myself

    Welcome Donal/Daniel! We have quite a few Engineers and engineers in the making here :lol I hope you enjoy yourself here and let us know if you need anything ^^
  8. Aleita Taviah

    Greetings, my friends

    Welcome Vedan! I hope that you enjoy yourself here. ^^
  9. Aleita Taviah

    Congratulations to our new Outreach Activities Coordinator!

    YAAAAAHOOOO! Congratulations Fae! You're going to be amazing :hug :hug
  10. Aleita Taviah


    Welcome Juniper! ^^
  11. Aleita Taviah

    Announcing "The Illuminator" ( Formally MoTW Infrastructure)

    Thank you for everything Defen! :salute
  12. Aleita Taviah

    Announcing "Wansho" ( Formally MoTW Interface)

    Congratulations and thank you Qam!
  13. Aleita Taviah

    Back after 16 years ;)

    Welcome back Lovain!
  14. Aleita Taviah


    Welcome Valan!
  15. Aleita Taviah

    New Head of the Green Ajah

    Thank you Fae :kiss Congratulations Tree! :joy
  16. Aleita Taviah

    I'm back and I have long hair now!

    Welcome back :hug
  17. Aleita Taviah

    A Beginner in Every Way

    Warm welcomes!
  18. Aleita Taviah

    Glad to be here

    Welcome! :joy
  19. Aleita Taviah

    Greetings from a KinderGaidin

    Warm welcomes! I hope that you enjoy your time here too ^^
  20. Aleita Taviah

    Announcing the new Headteachers

    Congratulations :hug