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  1. Sailea Nerid

    [Closed] Hiring: Outreach Activities Coordinator

    Thank you for everything, Ilverin :hug
  2. Sailea Nerid

    Hopping on the reintroduction train

    Oh wow, welcome back :hug Long time no see!
  3. Sailea Nerid

    International Red Cross Fundraiser Results

    Congrats and great job everyone!
  4. Sailea Nerid

    Congratulations to our new TVT Editor!

    Congrats! :hug
  5. Sailea Nerid

    Congratulations to our Tower Mediators!

    Congrats and good luck!
  6. Sailea Nerid

    July 20 Merits part 2

    Thank you and congrats to all the hard workers ^^
  7. Sailea Nerid

    Hiring: Tower Historian

    Thank you for the hard work!
  8. Sailea Nerid

    Congratulations Accepted Raeviendha!

    Congrats, dear :hug
  9. Sailea Nerid


    Welcome, I hope you like it here :)
  10. Sailea Nerid

    I am retired.

    Thank you for your service!
  11. Sailea Nerid

    Congrats Aes Sedai Lok

    Welcome home, Brother! We have waited long for you :hug
  12. Sailea Nerid

    Madhar Has been Raised

  13. Sailea Nerid

    Dreia Passed the Test

  14. Sailea Nerid

    Congrats to Gaidin Dravid

    OMG, finally, congrats, Dravid :hug