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  1. Tazren Talamar

    S1E8, The Eye of the World, with book spoilers

    Pretty sure she said "Aman Syndai", which would be Dragon Reborn. So yeah.
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    S1E8, The Eye of the World, with book spoilers

    I liked some parts of the episode, but as a whole I just think it was very anti-climactic. I enjoyed the dream sequence with Rand and Ishamael, but his actual channeling felt very underwhelming, especially with a super powerful sa'angreal. My biggest disappointment, really. I get they wanted to...
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    Entire season with book spoilers!

    I enjoyed most of the show, but I think it suffers from having only 8 episodes. If Rafe had gotten what he wanted, a two-hour opening episode and then 10 episodes, that would've made a huge difference. My biggest complaints is that it feels a bit rushed in some of the episodes, and that we...
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    Season 1 Episode 6 “The Flame of Tar Valon” with book spoilers

    I have to say, that's one romance that they can just do away with entirely. I could never buy it in the books, since we never got to see anything about it until we saw that letter. Ah sorry, I might've misinterpreted - I thought the comment I replied to was about whether a normal, non-Oath Rod...
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    Season 1 Episode 6 “The Flame of Tar Valon” with book spoilers

    If she swore under the Light and hope of salvation and rebirth, she wouldn't break it regardless of Aes Sedai - nobody would. I don't think Aes Sedai are forced to hold to their promises though, however she could obviously not say it unless she meant it. Make a promise that you intend to keep...
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    Al'Naito (soundtrack)

    This is definitely my favourite: Mordero'sheen, Bringers of Death. Sounds like it could be a Trolloc/Forsaken theme.
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    I'm sorry... One of the FIVE of you?!

    Well, a lot of people have speculated that they might make Egwene a ta'veren since she is one in all but name anyway. Also, Moiraine could say "it's one of the five of you" to any group of five people, as long as Rand, Mat and Perrin are included and it would be perfectly true. I think this is...
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    Official trailer!

    Rafe has confirmed that it's Aram. There's a breakdown by him here:
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    First Trailer!

    The Hall of the Tower looked almost exactly how I imagined it, except I always thought the Sitters would be a bit more elevated. But style is exactly how I've thought about it. The White Tower as such looks shorter than I would've thought, to house 3000 people in half of it. But maybe in this...
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    Rafe Judkins Instagram Q&A

    I like that he said Pevara is one of his favourite Aes Sedai. I hope she doesn't get cut.
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    How much should they release?

    I want to binge watch it. As much as I enjoy a good sense of suspense and waiting, I always feel much more involved when I can watch it in one go.
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    Video of Table Reading

    I heard it as "Too late now", but I'm not completely sure. Or maybe something like "Until then now"? Also I feel so hyped after seeing this, I don't even know what to say about it.
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    I really agree that the amount of racism is probably overestimated. I know that the WoT subreddit actually got brigaded (they knew, because they were bombarded with pretty horrible posts from people who'd never posted there prior to the casting announcement). And all of the posts that were...
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    Brandson Sanderson said this about the casting: "I suspect most of us could have named the character from the headshots for each of them." For me at least, I really agree and think it best summarises the way I feel about the casting.
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    Someone on reddit made a collection of clips with the Two River actors:
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    Yeah. And especially when you consider that "racial" features than be throwbacks to earlier generations, like when a white couple gets a dark-skinned baby. Imagine that happens in Randland as well.
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    Recent Developments!

    I also felt a bit unexcited about the headshots, but there are better photos for all of them. I liked these, for instance: Madeleine Madden: here and here Zoë Robins
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    I always view statements like these the same way I view that time when I was 5 years old and said I was gonna run away from home because I didn't get [whatever it was]. Put on my boots and made it to the front door, before I realised that no, I kind of didn't really feel the same, and I got more...
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    Recent Developments!

    Yeah, probably. They did that quite a bit in GoT, right? Like with Theon. Maybe it'll be more dramatic for those watching as well? Moiraine "dies" in season X, then appears again in season Y, when people still remember the emotional impact of the death.