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  1. Vallah al'Dera

    In Memorium: Rand al'Ren

    That was the first time I had met any tower folk other than Rand lol. Rand and I connected early cause we were both from the same small town in Northern California. He was still living there though I had moved away long ago. I remember him driving out to meet me and telling me all about his Hamm...
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    Outside in the darkness, a cock crowed.

    Outside in the darkness, a cock crowed.
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  4. Vallah al'Dera

    S1E8, The Eye of the World, with book spoilers

    Love that they included that line Lan says to Nynaeve, I was giddy at that part. disliking that the Tamrylin called LTT “Dragon Reborn” as I’m pretty sure they just referred to him as the Dragon. absolutely love the scene at the Far Western Shore, though it’s not what I pictured and have to...
  5. Vallah al'Dera

    S1E4: "The Dragon Reborn" - w/Book Spoilers

    One thing that irks me is that after they make a point to mention that women can’t see mens weaves, Karene sees the weaves that Logain is about to launch at the 3 of them and shields Moiraine and Liandrin from it. Logain seeing whatever about Nynaeve can be explained as him not necessarily...
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    Official trailer!

    not the best quality, but you can see something wrapped around Nynaeve's arm as shes tugging her braid.
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    Official trailer!

    Seriously, someone look at 0:50, Nynaeve’s right arm, am I seeing things or is there a faint nod to something there?
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    Official trailer!

    Yes Rollyn, it is slang for a very specific spot on the human body.
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    Official trailer!

    Going frame by frame, the scene with Nynaeve throwing her braid behind her, looks like there’s weaves of the One Power around her arm!!!! Very faint. Could be a subtle nod?
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    Official trailer!

    Dude, that Aiel fighting the Illian soldier was awesome! And yay Loial! And the poor Tinker. And I want to jump through the screen and strangle that Whitecloak!
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    First Trailer discussion: The push

    I am firmly of the belief that it is a dream. I see it happening as this: Nynaeve pushes her in, she realizes fighting the current does no good, surrenders to it (fortelling her working with the one power). Something troubling happens that results in her being forced under the water. She...
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    First Trailer!

    My thoughts: Nynaeve pushing Egwene into the water and then Egwene emerging in the colored water I think is a dream. I feel like they made the AS rings absurdly bulky. I feel like the Tower is a bit stumpy. I want to know why Moiraine is not wearing her signature diadem thing. That’s not a...
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    Well look at that, surrounded by out of control wild fires again. Hoping we don’t have to evacuate.

    Well look at that, surrounded by out of control wild fires again. Hoping we don’t have to evacuate.
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    Mmmm, coffee

    Mmmm, coffee
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    What's up with the secrecy?

    I am not familiar with the keeper but have met our lovely Mother and she’s a gem, but agreed she should post more.
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    Current Events Forum Changes

    Bias is real, and just like in the real world, this site can be quite cliquey at times, especially those in positions of authority. Tis why I've been decidedly less active for the past 10-12 years.
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    WoT n00b...