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  1. Stephen Lightheart

    [Closed] Hiring: Outreach Activities Team for Shaoman!

    Just popping in the say I think that's a wonderful approach to hiring and I hope it works out!
  2. Stephen Lightheart

    Shards of Adonalsium as Cats

    Haha, that's fantastic! It's missing a couple, though...
  3. Stephen Lightheart

    New Head of the Blue Ajah

    In before the Amyrlin decides she's Blue, so Blue no longer needs a Head. That is to say, congrats, Nymala!
  4. Stephen Lightheart

    Official Avatar and Name Change Thread

    I love your new name! ^^
  5. Stephen Lightheart

    Tower Calendar

    Is there a way to actually look at this without throwing my carefully maintained Google Calendars into chaos?
  6. Stephen Lightheart

    The Way of Kings Prime

    I'd been meaning to respond to this when you asked, but I forgot all about it! So, a few quick, hopefully not too spoilery thoughts: I regularly paused my reading to read the Rhythm of War preview chapters when they came out. I did not find it confusing. I do, however, view a few characters...
  7. Stephen Lightheart

    Rhythm of War Reaction Thread [No Spoilers]

    I'm so excited to read this. I'm only a quarter into my reread of Oathbringer, sadly, and I made the tough decision to finish that first. I made the decision before Amazon suddenly took Whispersync away from the series, but alas, I was committed by then. I'm still undecided whether or not I'll...
  8. Stephen Lightheart


    I loved that it has an actual avalanche. I was reading at 11 PM. My entire family was peacefully asleep. I was like, "Oh storm it, this is the avalanche, I should be sleeping!" But nope, I finished the book. My favorite part was absolutely the third oath bit. When Huio moved in front of Lopen...
  9. Stephen Lightheart

    [Closed] Hiring: Game Master

    I missed most of @Thaddius al'Guy's term, so I call for a second term!
  10. Stephen Lightheart

    The Way of Kings Prime

    Just finally finished this today. What a book! Has anyone else read it by now?
  11. Stephen Lightheart

    Official Avatar Change Thread

    Your avatar really is beautiful, @Satara al'Caelahn. I love the colors!
  12. Stephen Lightheart

    The Way of Kings Prime

    The Way of Kings Prime is available as a free download on Sanderson's website: In Brandon's own words: I'm 10% in and I can tell you this book is a freak. Like, almost all the pieces for the real Way of Kings (and some small parts of...
  13. Stephen Lightheart

    WoK Kickstarter

    The goal was $250,000. They reached one million in eleven minutes.
  14. Stephen Lightheart

    WoK Kickstarter

    That makes sense. Not that we'll have opened the border to The US by then, but at least these don't ship until December.
  15. Stephen Lightheart

    WoK Kickstarter

    We're hoping for tier five as well. Which is kinda silly, because shipping to us is $150. But whatever, this is the book that brought Winter and I together. It's important. ^^
  16. Stephen Lightheart

    WoK Kickstarter

    It's his original version of The Way of Kings, which is one of the books written before Sanderson became a published author.
  17. Stephen Lightheart

    WoK Kickstarter

    Going live today! Anyone else participating? Kickstarter link More information
  18. Stephen Lightheart

    Welcome to the new Servant of All Team!

    That's quite the epic team you've got there, Erin.
  19. Stephen Lightheart

    What's up with the secrecy?

    Thank you so much for your open and thorough response. It helps a lot!
  20. Stephen Lightheart

    What's up with the secrecy?

    Haha, well, I wasn't there, and everyone who was usually talks about it fondly. ^^