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  1. Dravid ter'Mand

    Congratulations to Aintza Bisera and Atane Valthon!

    Congratulations to you both! The bond between Gray and VC grows stronger! :gray1::vc1:
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    Congratulations to our new Company Commander of Val Cueran!

    A great victory for democracy!
  3. Dravid ter'Mand

    Congratulations to Atane, Gaidin of VC!

    :vc:vc2 Welcome brother!
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    Long live the Keepyrlins!

    Long live the Keepyrlins!
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    Hoping to come home ...... Hoping someone remembers .....

    Well That is a name I haven't seen in years! Welcome back!
  6. Dravid ter'Mand

    Rhythm of War Reaction Thread [No Spoilers]

    This is how you get very drunk very fast.
  7. Dravid ter'Mand

    S1E3 "A Place of Safety" -- w/ Book Spoilers

    "If I was into men, I could do a lot better than him." Rand... That is character assassination. Mat deserves better than you :rofl
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    S1E1 "Leavetaking" -- w/ Book Spoilers

    They did this several times during the episodes. I thought it was amazing. RJ paralleled LotR so many times, it was good to see Rafe parallel Jackson's Lord of the Rings.
  9. Dravid ter'Mand

    S1E3 "A Place of Safety" -- w/ Book Spoilers

    I have a feeling that Nyn will explain herself to the other Emond's Fielders when she sees them again.
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    Oh that is just perfect. Its not their battle armour but they still make sure it has chain mail printed onto it!
  11. Dravid ter'Mand

    Galad and Perrin are autistic

    For me, the thing that solidified that Perrin had ADHD in my mind was him forging his hammer. He gets so hyperfocused on forging that hammer that he completely loses his connection to his surroundings. When he is thinking back on it, he doesn't really seem to be able to explain exactly what...
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    Recent Developments!

    To be fair, the books also emphasize that Moiraine and Lan are extremely platonic. The more that I think about it, they emphasize that the vast majority of bondings are platonic. Myrelle in particular is given a bunch of grief for sleeping with/marrying her warders.
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    Official trailer!

    I mean... That is a true statement. She did hear a prophesy and learned that it must remain a secret. I see no falsehood here.
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    Recent Developments!

    The 360 version has extra stuff in the 360 part.
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    White Trash? :rofl
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    Rhythm of War Reaction Thread [No Spoilers]

    Its the most grad school part of her arc and I love it lol. I know that feeling way too well.
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    I love their look. I also imagined a white cloak and a white tabard over plate armor, but that REALLY makes them look like something straight out of the middle ages like a Teutonic Knight. Their new look makes them look like they are a part of a cult and that exposed armor being color coded to...
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    Recent Developments!

    I actually like that they are making the myrdraal look like the big bad. They can't show Baalzamon yet. Its a nice little bait-and-switch.