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  1. Calen Velervron

    Introducing the new Cordamora!

    Congrats Tree!
  2. Calen Velervron

    Hello Everyone!

    @Jase Gamoran the avatar scares me a little, especially when you are actually real life adorable. You should show them the way the cat acts when you get home... Also keep posting and explore the other boards! You might grow to love it here... Love you...
  3. Calen Velervron

    Hello Everyone!

    Deoan!! Good to see you friend
  4. Calen Velervron

    Hello Everyone!

    Hi... Love you... Welcome my dear!
  5. Calen Velervron

    Congratulations to our new Director of Technology!

    Fantastic choice, and thank you Mendo!
  6. Calen Velervron

    Introducing the Library Manual

    Illverin, we are all lucky to have you. Thank you for the hard work.
  7. Calen Velervron

    [Closed] Hiring - Head of Brown Ajah

    Guess it’s finally time to send in my application
  8. Calen Velervron

    Welcome to the Ring, Seryse!

    I am so very proud of you, and proud to be a mentor. You are a star.
  9. Calen Velervron

    May - Foster Care Awareness Month

    Thank you Lili- I want to point out that our site has done some work with foster kids already. I work in the system and we have had journals donated, lots of supplies for school, lots of toys and backpacks.. all from this site.
  10. Calen Velervron

    Thank You Deoan!

    Thank you Deoan! You have made our site better.
  11. Calen Velervron

    [Closed] Hiring: Company Commander of Mahdi'in d'ma Dieb

    Venric.. you are the leader we needed.
  12. Calen Velervron

    [Closed] HIRING: Mistress of Revels - North America

    Viv- I have only had the pleasure of working with you for a little while- and you are amazing at whatever you do. Thank you for your service.
  13. Calen Velervron

    [Closed] Hiring: Mayor

    You did a really stand up job for our newest people- even during mediation times. Appreciate ya.
  14. Calen Velervron

    [Closed] Hiring: Head of the White Ajah

    Thank you for your dedication, friendship and hardwork. It is an honor to know you.
  15. Calen Velervron

    Announcement of the next Amyrlin Seat!

    So many great people involved in this one! But, I am so happy for you Cassie and I wish you all the best things. Thank you for taking on this role. I know its not always fun!