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  1. Leira Galene

    Wasn't sure I'd ever walk these halls again...

    Oh wow hi, welcome back!
  2. Leira Galene

    Mistborn - is this YA.....? It's totally YA.

    In short, yes. It's a common thing female SFF authors have talked about on Twitter, fighting to not have their very much adult (i.e., graphic, dark, characters are not teenagers) books shelved as YA.
  3. Leira Galene

    Mistborn - is this YA.....? It's totally YA.

    I mean, I'll put it like this: if it was written by a female author it would definitely be shelved YA :look I agree Era 2 isn't, though.
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    2022 Amyrlin Award winners

    Congratulations, everyone!
  5. Leira Galene

    New Landing Page !

    Looks awesome!
  6. Leira Galene

    Hello again : )

    Wow, I remember you! Welcome back!
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    Slightly controversial thread about Rand

    Tbh, can't really defend him. I don't dislike him but I do have similar feelings about him as you, @Amylia Lerato. I do think he has a nice character arc, but especially for the first few books he's very self-centered. And I don't really mean selfish, it's just that he's focused on what's going...
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    Oct 13 - World Thrombosis Day

    Thank you for sharing! Definitely super important.
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    Discord Role Colors

    Oh yes to be clear, I was only talking about role colors, since I looked for a server I can create roles in and saw they have the custom color ability. That's cool that you're looking into it! @Cattrin al'Modrah re themes, I know some custom themes do exist, but I don't think they're simple to...
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    [Closed] Hiring: Director of Membership

    Thank you, Loraella!
  11. Leira Galene

    Discord Role Colors

    This is a great idea to review, good idea Jorell. Colorblind accessibility is an important thing to me in presenting my work, so I'm glad to see it taken seriously everywhere. There are definitely a lot of sites that have information on colors to use, although I'm really only familiar with...
  12. Leira Galene

    Oct 2022 Merits

  13. Leira Galene

    A New Map for the Wheel of Time

    Wow, this is awesome! I, too, love maps lol. Seanchan is just absurdly large.
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    Congratulations to our Digital Producer!

  15. Leira Galene

    Congratulations to our Audio Engineer!

    Yay Doll! Putting those skills to good use 😁
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    Congratulations to our new Gray HoA!

  17. Leira Galene

    See all posts in a thread by a member?

    Ah thanks, I didn't look to see if someone had asked before :laugh: